Important information about a minivan’s cargo carrying capacity

If you are looking for a minivan that has the maximum cargo-carrying capacity, you need to know a few basic things so you can choose the right one. You must know how much weight your vehicle can carry be it in terms of its towing capacity or payload. Usually, the load capacity of your minivan is mentioned on the tire information placard or in the owner’s manual. 

You should also know that the level of air pressure in your vehicle’s tires affects its load-carrying capacity.

If you don’t fill the tires to the recommended pressure requests, it would seriously affect your vehicle’s load capacity no matter what the manual says. If the cargo towing or hauling capacity of your vehicle is exceeded, it would cause issues with your minivan’s engine, tires, brakes, and other components. Hence, knowing all the details related to minivans like its GVWR, towing capacity, curb weight, GCVW, and hauling capacity is an important thing for any minivan owner. 

You must be wondering what these terms mean. 

A minivan’s payload capacity denotes the maximum quantity of weight that it can carry safely in its cargo space on top of its curb weight or empty weight. While towing capacity means the maximum amount of weight a minivan can tow after including any cargo or weight of the vehicle. 

Remember that if the weight of cargo exceeds the vehicle’s carrying capacity, it would cause unnecessary stress on the vehicle’s engine, suspension, and transmission. This severely increases the risk of road accidents as well. 


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