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Ticarve’s Car Detailing Putty is an Amazon Canada bestseller

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Just when you thought you’d seen everything, Amazon is back with another weird-yet-innovative thing we never knew we needed. Joining the Tubshroom and Eye Therapy Massagers the list of life-hacking must-haves is this slime-like putty that is said to clean your car unlike anything else. Introducing the TICARVE Cleaning Gel.

Why is the ColorCoral Car-Cleaning Putty going viral?

This putty is easy to use and so affordable that even people who absolutely hate cleaning can make the most of it. Plus, the putty-like texture makes it really fun to squish and maneuver through all sorts of dust-prone spots. Using it is as simple as taking a piece of the cleaning gel and kneading it into a ball. Then you slowly press it into dusty crevices or across dirty surfaces. Removing the gel reveals a dust-and-debris-filled portion of putty, thanks to its naturally sticky surface.

Amazon reviewers say that using car-cleaning putty is one of the few cleaning tips that work every time. They’re also calling it “the most useful TikTok revelation” since the viral mac and cheese hack from last year and this video that shows the right way to use cling wrap. It’s also far easier and less greasy than the slugging trend that TikTok users couldn’t get enough of. And it’s more practical: It can also be used to clean your favorite tech devices like keyboards and cell phones.


Step 3: Pick It Up

When you roll it around the bowl and it starts picking up its own bits to create one blob, you’re pretty much there. Knead it for a minute.

How does it work?

Easy to use, simply grab the gel and press it against a tainted surface and pull back slowly to remove any dirt. The TICARVE Cleaning Gel is made of high-tech cleaning material that is finished with sweet notes of lavender. When you’re finished cleaning, put it back into its container and keep in a cool place like the glove compartment for safekeeping. Best of all the Gel can be used over and over. Change of colour will indicate when it’s ready to be replaced.

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The cleaning gel can also be useful in your home and office. Use it to remove the dust from your keyboard, printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote and some furniture.

TICARVE Cleaning Gel for Car Detailing Putty

Learn more about the Detailed Specifications

Features Perfect Car Cleaning Putty Gel:Magnolia flower aroma car cleaning gel putty reusable is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your auto. Car putty for cleaning is super great to get into the gaps and little crevices on the car to pick up the dust, debris, crumbs and pet hair Easy to Use:Car detailing gel is ideal for cleaning gaps and cavities. Push car detailing tools into any little cracks and the crud sticks and pulls back out! You can also press the detail putty on the keyboard surface and then pull out the car gel cleaner slowly, the dust would be carried away with the keyboard cleaner putty. Car goop cleaner is suitable for all devices and surfaces (except carpets) Reusable:Gel for cleaning car could be used for several times till the color of the auto detail gel turn to dark. After use, just put the car cleaning kits universal cleaning gel back in jar and keep in a cool place High-tech Cleaning Material:Cleaning putty gel car is made of high-tech cleaning material, smells sweet with magnolia flower scent. Car cleaning goop for car is sticky dust but not sticky to hands. Auto interior cleaner pick up all dust and debris and leaves no residue Multiple Uses:Auto detailing gel is also useful for home and office, PC keyboard clean and other rugged surface cleaning such as printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote, computer cleaner and furniture. The suitable surface must be free of water and the magic dust cleaning mud would stick to it
Additional Information
Date First Available November 04, 2021


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