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Why is gas over $4 a gallon?

Experts blame high prices on supply and demand. Demand is on the rise and supplies are stymied by the war in Ukraine, putting pressure on prices on both sides of the equation.

Gas prices: Biden announces ban on all Russian energy imports over Ukraine invasion; experts expect gas price spike

“People are getting out and about since COVID has been subsiding,” AAA spokesman Bill Purpura said. “We’re going to get ready to go into the busy summer travel season.”

“And we have some major supply issues,” he added. The United States is producing less of its own oil, putting the nation more at the mercy of foreign suppliers, he said.

So far Ohio isn’t as hard hit as large states such as California, where the average price of gas is now $5.44 a gallon, the highest in the country. 

Local factors including the distance gasoline needs to travel before it reaches the station and local gas taxes result in fluctuating prices from region to region, Purpura said. Ohio’s per gallon gas tax is 38 cents, while California’s is 53 cents.

For Wieging, the culprit for high prices is corporate greed. 

“Gas companies are price gouging and taking advantage of people,” she said.


How to find cheap gas near you

Several mobile apps offer tools to help you find the best gas prices in your area. You can use an app that tracks user-reported fuel prices, like GasBuddy, and search by your city, state or zip code to find the closest, cheapest gas. 

You can also use your maps apps to route yourself to stations that offer the cheapest gas prices.

On Waze, user-submitted data will show the prices for gas stations. Click on the gas icon below the search bar, then filter by price. You can then get directions to the station that will have the best prices. 

On Google Maps, you’ll need to be in “drive” mode to see the prices of gas near you. While on the road, you can search for gas stations and the prices at all nearby stations will pop up, along with the distance and directions. You can then route yourself to the station where you’ll get the best bang for your buck. 

All of these apps are available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

USA TODAY contributed to this report. 

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