About Costco Gas Station

Costco gasoline stations offer our members a great value on high quality fuel. Our stations are designed for fast refueling, with long hoses that allow you to fill from either side of your vehicle. Costco stations are well-maintained, and feature the latest technology for protecting our members..


Average gas price: $2.469 Five cheapest stations: – Sam’s Club in Hot Springs ($2.19) – Murphy USA in North Little Rock ($2.19) – Shell in North Little Rock ($2.19) – CJ’s in Jacksonville ($2.19) – Kroger in North Little Rock ($2.19) Falling just inside the Gulf Coast region, Arkansas still sees gas prices near the coveted $2 mark. Even with state gas taxes of nearly 22 cents per gallon, Arkansas drivers pay nearly $1.50 less than the most expensive state on our list.


Can only Costco members get gas at Costco?

Yes, only Costco members can get gas. If you’re looking to get a membership, there are two types. The Gold Star membership costs $60 per year and includes a card for you and a second card for a partner or someone else you live with. Then there’s the Executive membership, which costs $120. While this membership also includes two cards, these members will get 2% off on qualifying purchases along with access to special savings on vacations, insurance plans, and some other services. Check out these tips on how to get better gas mileage if you’re looking to save even more.


Average gas price: $2.830 Five cheapest stations: – Maverik in Gillette ($2.48) – M.G. Oil Company in Gillette ($2.48) – Flying J in Gillette ($2.55) – Sam’s Club in Casper ($2.57) – Exxon in Sheridan ($2.58 — cash only) About the best nearby fuel production can do for Wyoming is push it toward the national average. Its population is only about 578,000 people, which depresses demand, and a relatively low 24-cent state gas tax is already doing what it can to keep prices lower than they are in states farther west.


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