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Why now might be a good time to fill the gas tank in Grand Rapids

Gas prices haven't risen since the start of July, entering two weeks without a significant hike.

By Andrew Krietz | akrietz@mlive.com


There are more tricks to pay less

Smartphones make shopping for a deal easier. Get the apps for your favorite stations and check the map for prices along your route.

You also can carry cash to use if you spot a station offering a discount if you don’t charge the purchase. That could be 10 cents a gallon. One 15-gallon fill-up would save $1.50. Four in a month would save $6. And over the course of a year, that could be hundreds of dollars saved on what you’d buy anyway.

GasBuddy is one app that tracks prices among competitors. If you face longer drives and may be in unfamiliar territory, it can help you find cheaper gas. Geico also gives consumers a gas station tracker,  as do AAA and Gas Guru. 

Consumers can also use popular navigation apps,  such as Waze and Google Maps,  to track local gas prices. 

Consider public or shared transportation

Michigan’s Department of Transportation says public transportation options exist in nearly every region in Michigan. Checking into what’s available could be worth it, both reducing your out-of-pocket gas costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

For longer trips, or even heading out of state, both Greyhound buses and Amtrak trains have multiple stops in the state.

Here is a list of local transportation providers, some of which offer dial-a-ride. 

Some rides will cost more. Uber recently announced a surcharge of up to 55 cents starting on Wednesday. That money will go to drivers, including those delivering Uber Eats. 


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