Technology #1: ‘Intelligent Driver-Assistive Technology’

“The world’s first artificial intelligence (A.I.-powered) ‘Intelligent Driver-Assistive Technology’ provides assistance that is suited to the ability and situation of each individual to reduce driving errors and risks, helping the driver achieve safe and sound driving.” 

The excitement garnered for the new ‘Intelligent Driver-Assistive Technology’ is apparently due to the fact that the company believes themselves to have gotten the hang of how we think when we’re about to put ourselves in danger, specifically, “the factors behind human errors through [the] original fMRI*3-based study of the human brain and analysis of risk-taking behaviors.”

The installation of ‘Intelligent Driver-Assistive Technology’ means that users can rely on the software to “presume predictors of driving errors based on information obtained through a driver monitoring camera and pattern of the driving operations.”

“This technology is being developed to enable each individual driver to mitigate driving errors and enjoy mobility without any sense of anxiety.”

The big boast is that this is the first technology of its kind ever created – and by that we mean the first in the world to use ADAS to assess driving risks, gauge optimal driving behaviour and provide aid to the driver based on their needs at this advanced level. 

Obviously, this will eradicate the potential dangers (Honda says 90% of traffic collisions) related to human error – including the risks of commuting when careless, inebriated, daydreaming, or tired.

Question is, how much will this artificial intelligence be used to assist motorcyclists?

Honda plans on continuing their creation of this particular technology between 2021 and 2025, with “practical application during the second half of the 2020s.” 

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Honda on March 4 unveiled a partially self-driving Legend sedan in Japan, becoming the world’s first carmaker to sell a vehicle equipped with new, certified Level 3 automation technology.


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