Chassis / Body

Complete aero kit with quick fixing (DZUST)


Brembo / PFC


Front: S teel 380×35 mm / Rear: Steel 355×32 mm

Suspension Double wishbones with rigid bushing

Fuel Capacity 118 l (31.2 gal.) Calipers Front: 6 pot monoblock, Rear: 4 pot monoblock Driver Controls Racing ABS (12 position) / TC (9 position) / Brake bias Data System MO TEC Pro



V10 IDS (NO MPI), Air Intake by BMC


5,204 cm³ (317.6

Max. Power

620 CV (456 kW) @ 8,250 RPM

Max. Torque

570 Nm (419 lbft) @ 6,500 RPM

Engine Mgmt

System MOTEC M182 (9 position Traction Control)



2,620 mm (103.15 in)

Front Track

1,695 mm (66.73 in)

Rear Track

1,660 mm (65.35 in)

Dry Weight

1,270 kg (2,800 lb)

Weight/Power Ratio 2.05 kg/CV (4.52 lb/CV)

Tires & Wheels Front Tires Pirelli 305/660-18 DH Rear Tires Pirelli 315/680-18 DH Front Wheels 11×18’’ ET 28.8 Rear Wheels 12×18’’ ET 32 Drivetrain Transmission Type Rear Wheel Drive Gearbox 6-speed sequential gearbox electrically actuated by Marelli Clutch 3 discs racing clutch , Light weight flywheel ROLL CAGE New Fully integrated Roll Cage (in compliance with FIA specs) Roll Cage weight: 95 lbs


4. Massive Weight Reduction

The Huracan STO uses carbon fiber in the majority of its new body panels, and for the rear fenders uses what Lamborghini describes as a "carbon fiber 'sandwich' technique utilized in the aerospace industry." That's just the start of the diet process, which includes not using glass for the rear window but rather replacing it with the plastic louver, making the front windscreen 20 percent thinner, and giving the STO magnesium wheels. Inside, it's not quite spartan as you might imagine as the STO can still be driven on the road, but the carpets are gone and replaced with individual mats, and it seems that anything that can be replaced with carbon fiber has been. That includes the seats, which are much more comfortable than expected and manually adjustable as electric motors are heavy. You'll notice there are no traditional door handles and, instead, they're replaced by a strap to close the door and a pull-cord to open it again.

Also saving weight is cutting drive to the front axle. While this has as much power as a Performante, only the rear wheels are driven.


  • ENGINELongitudinal – V10 IDS (NO MPI) Air Intake by BMC
  • DISPLACEMENT5204 cm³
  • POWER620 CV @ 8250 rpm
  • TORQUE570 Nm @ 6500 rpm
  • ABSRacing ABS (12 positions)
  • TRACTION CONTROL9 positions TC
  • TRASMISSION2WD Six gear sequential gearbox by X-Trac
  • CLUTCH3 discs racing clutch Light weight flywheel
  • SUSPENSIONDouble wishbones with rigid bushing
  • WHEEL FIXINGMonolock System
  • ANTI ROLL BARFront: 6 positions; Rear: 2 positons
  • DAMPERSOhlins TTX 36 2 ways; Front: in-line; Rear: piggy back type
  • BRAKE DISCSFront: Steel 380×35 mm


A significant feature of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo is the rear-wheel drive choice as already adopted in the GT classes. This will allow Super Trofeo drivers to gain important experience of this traction system to facilitate their motorsport careers.


  • COMPLETE CARBON FIBER AERO KIT Complete aero kit with quick fixing (DZUST)
  • SPEED LIMITERYes, adjustable speed
  • REAR TRACK1,660 mm (65.35 in)

    Brand new roof hatch system

    Seat 8855 FIA Spec or Seat 8866 FIA Spec (OPT)

    6 pts safety belt; 7 pts Fire Extinquisher

One Bad-Ass Bull

We're big fans of the notion that a car can be more than the sum of its parts. But when Lamborghini takes the expertise of its road-car division, the insanity of not one but two racing divisions, and the motorsport influence of leading brands like Brembo and Bridgestone, those parts of the equation are all phenomenal in their own right.

In isolation, one or two of these elements might make its way onto other track-focused road cars, but nothing short of seven-figure hypercars combines all this know-how and insanity into one all-inclusive package. The result? Take the sum of these parts and double it. Then double it again. Heck, triple it after that, because the insanity here is off the charts. And yet, somehow, it's all perfectly at home on the streets. Race cars are typically hard as nails, and we don't doubt that a real Super Trofeo racer would be, but aside from the magnetic suspension and an actual interior, this is a race car.


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