What is a Blind Spot Mirror? Pros Cons

The area where a person’s view is not clear is called the blind spot r blind spot effect. This happens mainly in driving. Drivers are unable to see what’s happening behind the car from every angle. They use side mirrors to do so. Sometimes side mirrors are also not sufficient to show you everything lurking behind the car in every direction. So, they need some extra gadgets.

Blindspot mirrors are helpful tools installed on side-view mirrors. They are used to maximize the driver’s visibility by reducing the blind spot effect. This mirror shows you the car, bike, or truck lurking behind your vehicle clearly. It ensures safety by showing the hidden areas. Changing lanes and crossing it is worthwhile.

Are blind spot mirrors useful? Yes, they’re useful, especially when changing lanes and turning points. Not only this it helps the vehicle to keep on track. Without compromising safety, drivers can drive, park, and change the lane of vehicles.

Cons of Blind Spot Mirrors: The only drawback of using a blind spot mirror is that it makes drivers extra conscious about the surrounding. They keep on focusing on what they see in the mirror rather than driving. In this attempt, they turn the neck position towards the mirror position.

This makes vehicles unsafe on urban roads where all kind of traffic is there on roads. So relying on this mirror only more than your driving skills can cause accidents. Moreover using blindspots on highways is more effective than roads inside the city.

Blind Spot Mirror Pricing

You can find blind spot mirrors for as little as $10 or less, though they typically feature a frame-free design and a universal fit for most vehicles. For $11 to $20, you’ll find a mix of custom-fit and universal-fit choices. And if you spend $25 or more, blind spot mirrors can be custom-made and tailored to your specific needs or vehicle. 


Final Words

After reading this post, you can install a blind spot mirror at home. You need not go to a professional for installation. Dont forget to read the instructions in the user manual. It takes seconds to install but ensures safety for a lifetime.

If the driver feels comfortable with installing it on the outermost edge, go with it. But the recommended position for rectangular blind spot mirrors is always at the bottom line of the rearview mirror.

Where do you install your blind spot mirror? Share your experience in the comment box!

4. KITBEST Interior Clip on Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

We’re including a selection of clip-on options for interior rearview mirrors since they can serve as a means to broaden your view astern. In this manner, they can be considered a blind spot mirror. This unit measures 11.4 inches wide and about three inches high, making for a lens that’s generous but not big enough to scupper your forward sightlines.

This one’s listed as anti-glare, a good thing as some customers report that it can mess with the day/night tab on the factory mirror. Twin adjustable buckles mean this thing should fit most cars and trucks, even though I’m sure one of you hobos in the comments will complain about it not fitting the mirror in their flawless 1985 Ford Ranger.

Pros/Improves rearward sightlines, fits most cars, not exposed to weather Cons/May impede stock day/night mirror tab

Bottom Line/ Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

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Using blind spot mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are actually very simple. They’re generally curved mirrors that attach to your vehicle’s stock side view mirrors. The curved surface allows the mirror to reflect objects from a wider range of angles than is possible with conventional side view mirrors.

To use a blind spot mirror correctly, it should be installed so that it provides a view of the blind spots to your right and left when sitting in the driver’s seat. Make sure your side view mirror itself is positioned correctly (you shouldn’t be able to see the side of your car), and then adjust the blind spot mirror so that you can see what the other mirror misses.

For most vehicles, the optimal location for installation is the upper corner on the outside of the mirror. However, this doesn’t apply to all vehicles, so you might have to experiment with placement in order to get optimal coverage of your specific blind spots. Note that many vehicles do not benefit from a blind spot mirror on the passenger side view mirror. The size of the mirror limits visibility of the reflection for the driver, and passenger side view mirrors are naturally convex to cover the blind spot.

Where To Put Blind Spot Mirrors

Figuring out the best spot to place your blind spot mirrors doesn’t need to be tricky. The adhesive used on these mirrors is extremely strong, meaning you usually only get one chance to properly attach these mirrors to your vehicle. 

Usually, some of the best quality blind spot mirrors will come with instructions to help explain the best way to get accurate results, but if you’re not sure here’s our take.

Blind Spot Mirror for Cars Check Price

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The majority of drivers use these mirrors as the name suggests, to maximize their view of the vehicle’s blind spot. However, some users place them on the innermost side of their mirror to gain a larger view from the side mirror.

The best place to put your blind spot mirror is usually dependant on the shape of your car mirror and the add on itself, but generally, most motorists find this product works most effectively by placing the mirror on the side of your mirror furthest from the vehicle to maximize the view where it cuts off from your sight. 

Before you commit to removing the protective layer and laying the adhesive onto your mirror try holding it in place using some tape or something similar and put yourself into the driver’s seat to test if the mirrors are in the best position possible for your view and safety.


Where Is the Best Place To Put Blind Spot Mirrors?

The best place to put your blind spot mirror is usually dependent on the shape of your car mirror and the add-on itself. Generally, most motorists find this product works most effectively by placing the mirror on the side of your mirror furthest from the vehicle to maximize the view where it cuts off from your sight. 

How Do You Remove Adhesive From Blind Spot Mirrors?

You can use any type of chemical adhesive remover to get rid of any leftover residue and adhesive on your side mirror once you remove a fish-eye mirror.  Examples of chemical adhesive removers include WD-40, acetone, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or other branded adhesive removers.

Are Blind Spot Mirrors Effective?

Blindspot mirrors are one of the most affordable and easy ways for you to get a full view of your blind spot when driving your vehicle without the need to turn your head away from the full view of the road ahead. 

What Are Fisheye Mirrors?

What Are Fisheye Mirrors?

Fisheye mirrors compress the reflection towards the edges of the mirror due to their shape and design. 

What Are Concave Mirrors?

Concave mirrors have a reflective surface that is recessed away from the incident light and reflect light inwards to one focal point. They are essentially curved mirrors that are used to focus light. They are often used to allow motorists to see around corners in tight situations.

2. Traditional Choice: Ampper Blind Spot Mirror, 2 Round Convex Mirror

Chances are, when one thinks of aftermarket blind-spot mirrors, they’re imagining these little round stick on jobbies that have inhabited the aisles of every AutoZone and Pep Boys since approximately the dawn of time. A simple peel-and-stick affair, these lenses are 2 inches on the round and provide a fish eye view of the world astern.

The unit shown here is slightly different from the ones your Pop applied to his 1982 GMC pickup back in the day. Like the previous option, this one also has a swivel base, albeit one that only tilts left and right instead of in all directions. It’s still better than a static stick-on, of course. Best of all, it costs less than your morning Starbucks coffee.

Pros/Dirt cheap, fish-eye view, you’ll fit right in at the 55+ park Cons/Limited range of movement

Bottom Line/ Tough to argue with a classic

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Our Verdict on Blind Spot Mirrors

Our pick for the best blind spot mirror is the Essential Contraptions Rear View Blind Spot Mirror. It has an aluminum housing that’s resistant to rust, corrosion, and damage. It also features real glass to give you the clearest view. If you are shopping around for something more affordable, consider the Ampper Square Blind Spot Mirror. Do you like the products we recommended for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Are there any alternatives to using blind spot mirrors?

No, unless you want to stick to the usual method of turning your head to check the blind spot. Auto Guide reports that approximately 840,000 blind spot-related accidents occur every year, so it’s easy to see the importance of being to check your blind spots before changing lanes.

Unless you want to become part of that statistic, it could be a good idea to go out and get yourself a pair of these little mirrors. You never know, they could actually save your life or at least prevent you from getting into a nasty fender bender.


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