The 2021 Toyota Sienna seat layout is incredibly intuitive

We’ll start with what may be the most important feature of the car: the seating arrangement. Everyone wants to be comfortable, and the Toyota Sienna’s interior does an excellent job of making sure everyone has room to breathe. Not only are the second-row captain’s chairs comfortable, but they slide a full 25 inches up and down to make sure the rear passengers have legroom too. If there are no third-row passengers, however, the captain’s chairs can also recline, featuring built-in ottomans. And if there are no passengers at all, they can be removed entirely for added storage space.

And then there’s the third row of seating itself, which can be tucked away at the pull of a handle. But on the previous generation, getting the seats back up took some effort. So Toyota redesigned the rear seats for the 2021 model. Now they’re so lightweight, they actually won an award for it. So everyone’s happy in a Toyota Sienna, but how ready is it to tackle your next road trip?


The Procedure

This video shows the process for removing the 2nd-row seats, which involves disconnecting the 12V battery to depower the airbags, prying off seat trim, disconnecting the airbag and seat heater/seatbelt connectors, and removing 4 bolts.

These instructions are focused on the captain chairs, but the bench seat has a similar procedure.

The Solution

You can use an airbag simulator to resolve the airbag warning message and ensure that the SRS airbag system is working normally. I developed one specifically to fit the Sienna’s airbag connector.

You can buy these airbag simulator dongles from my web store. Get 2 if removing 2 seats.


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