Wiper Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your wiper blades will be a very simple thing to do. You want to take the time to do this every so often to avoid having your wiper blades leave streaks on your windshield. Wiper blades that are not clean are not going to work well, even if you spray a bunch of wiper fluid. You need to get in there and clean them off properly.

Preparing to Clean Your Wiper Blades

To do this, you simply need to grab a few common supplies. You will need a few washcloths or a roll of paper towels. You should also get a bucket of hot soapy water as well as some rubbing alcohol. Once you have all of these, you will be ready to start cleaning.  

In addition, you may want to consider washing your car ahead of cleaning the blades. It can help you to avoid getting more dirt or grime on your nice clean wiper blades. Take your car to an automatic car wash, or give it a good cleaning yourself. It won’t take long, and it is a task that pairs nicely with cleaning your blades.

Start the Cleaning Process

To start cleaning your wiper blades, you just need to lift your wiper blades away from the windshield. Use some of your hot soapy water to start wiping down the edges of your wiper blades. Try to wipe the blades down as thoroughly as you can. It will likely take several times of wiping to remove all of the built-up grime.  

You should also go ahead and wipe down the hinged areas of your wiper blades. It will not take too long to do this, and it is just good to eliminate all of the dirt that you can from your car. A little bit of soapy water and one of your clean rags will do the trick.  

Now grab your rubbing alcohol, and use it to wipe the edge of the wiper blade. Use a fresh rag or paper towel for this part. The purpose of this is to remove any soapy residue that may be lingering from the cleaning process. It will ensure that the rubber on your wiper blades is completely clean and ready to start being used again.

How Often Should You Clean Your Wiper Blades?

Knowing how often you should clean your wiper blades will be very beneficial. For the best results, you should clean your wiper blades once every month. It keeps the dirt or grime from building up too much. You will be able to rely on your wiper blades when you truly need them, and it will be a better overall situation. 

You should also know that experts recommend that you change your wiper blades either every six months or every year. This depends on the type of wiper blades that you are using as well as other factors. Your wiper blades do have a shelf life and will wear down over time. Even so, the cleaning process and the restoration that I will discuss later can help to extend the life of your blades a good bit.

Optional: Clean The Hinge

If you find that your wipers are sticking, or if you notice dirt around the hinge (where the wiper blade connects to the bracket), you should clean the hinge.

Refer to your instruction manual (if needed) to re

Refer to your instruction manual (if needed) to remove the wiper blade from the arm. Once you have it off, clean the end of the arm with warm soapy water. Do the same with the part of the wiper blade that connects to the arm.

Connect the wipers back to the arm.


Windshield Wiper FAQ’s-6 and counting!

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Replacing Wiper Blades

For optimum performance, replace the wiper blades at least once a year.

An informational icon, calling your attention

NoteOnly install replacement blades that are identical to the original blades. Using inappropriate blades can affect the operation of the rain sensor and damage the wiper system and windshield.

To replace the wiper blades:

  1. Shift into Park and turn off the wipers.
  2. Touch Controls > Service > Wiper Service Mode > ON to move the wipers to the service position.
  3. Lift the wiper arm a short distance away from the windshield, just far enough to access the wiper blade.

    A warning icon, calling your attention to a possibly risky situationCAUTIONWiper blades do not lock into a lifted position. Do not lift a wiper arm beyond its intended position.

  4. Place a towel between the wiper arm and windshield to avoid scratching or cracking the windshield.
  5. Hold the wiper arm and press the locking tab while sliding the blade down the arm.
  6. Align the new wiper blade on the wiper arm and slide it toward the end of the wiper arm until it locks into place.
  7. Turn Wiper Service Mode off to return the wipers to their normal position.

Step 3: Choose Your Cleaner

You do not need to go out and purchase a specific cleaner for your wiper blades, and most recommended cleaning agents can be found in your home. You can even use water if the blades are not too dirty. Use the following list to decide on the best cleaner for you, or use the one that is available.

Water: Most people have access to water. If you clean your wiper blades regularly, and you live in an area where there is not a lot of dust and dirt, and the driving conditions are always good, then water will work for you.

Glass Cleaner: Glass cleaner is great for getting rid of oils and grease that might be on your wiper blades.

Glass cleaner
Glass cleaner

WD-40: This cleaner works well, but it is recommended to remove your wiper blades before spraying them so that you don’t get any WD-40 on your glass.


Vinegar: This cleaner works in a similar way to glass cleaner and is great for preventing streaks. Use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water.

Toothpaste: Toothpaste contains silica and that helps to clean the blades and remove any streaks from your windshield. Toothpaste adds more abrasion to your wipers (without damaging your windshield).


Rubbing Alcohol: The evaporating effect of alcohol helps to remove the smallest particles of dirt and grime.

Dish Soap: If you do not have any of the other cleaners in your home, then dish soap will work fine. While it will be adequate, I recommend using one of the stronger cleaners if you can.

Dish soap
Dish soap

4 Simple Step of Cleaning Wiper Blades

Before your cleaning of the wiper blades, you should make sure the car is first clean. This you can do yourself but you can take it to the car wash to remove the general dirt. Once all this is done, now start the process of cleaning up the wiper blades:

  1. Lift the wiper blades off from the windshield glass first. I hope you had considered buying the best wiper blades from us.

  2. After this, gently apply the washer fluid, the exact amount, to the clean rags that you had prepared then start by wiping the edges of the wiper blades. In case you don’t have a washer fluid, you can use hot, soapy water to wipe down the edges of the blades. Make sure that you pass through the wipers frequently with this rag until there is no dirt that comes from the rubber edges of the wiper blades.

  3. Once you are through with the edges, now you can embark on wiping the hinged areas of the blades so as to ensure there is smooth fluid movement.

  4. Lastly, wipe the edges of the clean wiper blades with a little amount of rubbing alcohol. Remember the alcohol is not used to wash the blades, but it is only for washing so that it removes any soapy film and residue that would have been left on the rubber during the washing.

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