How to make money as a kid on YouTube

It’s hard to make money as a kid on YouTube without making videos, so that will have to be your first step. But from there, you have a variety of options for how to make money as a kid on this platform.

27. Affiliate marketing through your YouTube channel

Affiliate marketing is when someone buys something through your link, usually based on your recommendation for a product or service, and then you receive a fee for this.

In fact, if you’ve ever been recommended something in a YouTube video, it’s probably because of the person who owns the channel trying to make money through affiliate marketing.

When done properly, you can make seriously incredible money doing this, even if you’re a kid. The trick here is to find products that match your overall brand and that your audience would appreciate, so that you can recommend things in a genuine way.

28. Have ads in your videos on YouTube

Making money from having ads on your YouTube videos isn’t really an innovative idea for how to make money as a kid, but it definitely works. Plenty of kids with major YouTube followings make thousands of dollars every month just from their ads so there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

YouTube does have some requirements for this relating to things like the number of viewing hours you have, so take a look at these to see if you qualify yet.

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29. Advertise from YouTube

This is similar to affiliate marketing, in that making money by advertising from YouTube involves recommending products which you’ll receive money for if people buy them.

Here, however, companies pay you directly to advertise their products. This means that instead of being paid when someone buys something through one of your links, you’ll receive a lump sum from the company that owns the product to promote it.

You can also use this strategy to recommend your own products. For example, remember those printables we mentioned earlier? You could easily advertise your own digital products through your own YouTube channel.

30. Get funding from your YouTube subscribers

When looking for how to make money as a kid on YouTube, directly getting money from your subscribers may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

However, if you’ve ever seen a video caption asking for something like Patreon donations, this is exactly that. The aim here is for your subscribers to show their appreciation for your work, by giving you a few dollars to reflect this. 

And over time, those few dollars can really add up, especially if you have a large number of subscribers.

How To Be Successful Without College My Two Cents

The Adventure of Life

College may be an incredible experience, and earning a degree can be the proudest achievement of one’s life. However, it’s simply not for everyone. Fortunately, you can still make it big even without higher education. So I’ve loaded up this post with tips on…


Plant sitting

When your neighbours go on holiday, they could look to put their pets into kennels, but their garden and house plants still need looking after.

Offering plant sitting, or even basic house sitting, for neighbours gives them peace of mind that someone can keep an eye on things when they’re away. 

It can be more than giving the plants a bit of water.

You could even pick up the post from the doormat, move the curtains, so others think someone is home, which can stop opportunistic criminals.

It can be an easy way to make extra pocket money over the summer holidays or school breaks.

How kids can make money from home

If you want to avoid using the internet as a way for kids to make money, there are plenty of other great ways to earn money from home.

Benefits of Kids Making Money as an Entrepreneur

Of course the first benefit is having your own money. However, making money as a kid provides a laundry list of other life skills and education that is important.

Becoming a teenage entrepreneur will teach you:

  • Value your time
    • As an entrepreneur you will quickly realize that time is your greatest resource.
  • Always learning
    • The more you know, the more your time and expertise is worth.
  • Create a vision and plan
    • In order to become a successful kid entrepreneur you are going to need to have a clear vision and plan to see it through.
  • Just do it
    • Nike’s famous slogan applies here. Don’t be afraid to take the leap and start making money now.


Car Washing –Regularly wash cars at people’s homes or at gas stations.

Car Interior Cleaning– Clean the interior of people’s cars.  You can do this weekly. Charge like $5 a time and in just a couple hours of work you can make way more than minimum wage.

Car Detailing- Deep clean cars inside and out.

Oil Change- Set up a business to change car oils every three months.

Windshield Crack Repair- Fix cracks in windshields.

How to make money in the summer as a kid

When looking for how to make money in the summer as a kid, the key is to focus on jobs you can do while you’re not at school for people who still have to work.

Of course, you can continue to do the other money making options that you do during school time. But summer offers a unique opportunity for you to make money that you could easily take advantage of.

Some of these include:

  • Pet sitting while people are at work
  • Doing garden related tasks so people come home to a nice looking yard
  • Approaching local businesses for any tasks they may want done, such as delivering things or cleaning up
  • Babysitting, especially while the kids’ parents are at work

Yard Ideas

Mow Lawns- Want to make money mowing lawns? This is a great way to make money each week during the summer without getting a job.

Seed to Cash– Have you ever tried gardening? In the Seed to Cash program, you can learn how to make money growing food. How cool is that! Dylan 14, made $195 in his first two weeks. Earn while you learn by making a profit from food grown in your backyard.

Aerate Lawns- Lawns need oxygen to be healthy. Rent an aerator and aerate people’s yards to make money fast.

Weeding- Weeds are everywhere in yards weed flowerbeds, gardens, and crabgrass in the lawn.

Tree and Bush Trimming- Trees grow suckers all summer long they need to be cut off or the tree will start to look like a bush.  Bushes often have a shape or need to be a certain size and need constant pruning.

Landscaping- Homeowners are always making they yard better by putting in a water feature, fire pit or rock wall.

Planting-  People always need stuff planted in their yards and gardens. Plant seed lawns,  flowers, and trees and bushes.

Sprinklers- Every year sprinklers need to be repaired and adjusted.  Winter cracks pipes or dirt clogs the sprinkler heads.

Yard Maintenance- You can build a business using all of these yard tasks or just a couple of them.

Watering- In dryer climates plants need consistent watering to survive. Water plants while people are out of town or if they want help with it every week.

Laying Sod or Planting Grass Seed- Either planting a yard for the first time or replanting in places where the grass has died.

Fertilizing- Lawns can use fertilizing at least four times a year to healthy and green.

Weed’n Feed- Weeds will grow in the grass.  Fertilizer and weed killer can be done together with weed’n feed.

Edging and Weed Whacking- Edging is done along sidewalks to make the yard look well groomed.  Weed whacking can also be used around fences, trees, and any other edges that the lawn mower can’t get.

Organic Plant Pest Control- Plants in flowerbeds and gardens often get overrun by bugs, natural products like diatomaceous earth, essential oils and ladybugs can get rid of them.

Build a Sandbox- Kids love to play in sandboxes.  Build a sandbox in a yard and provide a top for it so cats can’t poop in it.

Swing Set Installation- Swing sets often come in a box and have to be put together.  Provide a service to install the swing set and put it together.

How to help your kids develop their business ideas

Okay, so your kid has a big idea to start their own business online, but they aren’t sure where to start. Here are some tips for parents to help mentor today’s kids so they might be tomorrow’s Jeff Bezos.

Encourage your kids to take their business ideas seriously and explore their feasibility.

Get your kids to brainstorm any and all ideas they might have and how it would look. Tools like MindMeister make that easier (but pen and paper works just as well too!).

Introduce them to friends and family who have their own online business and ask if they’ll help mentor your child.

Research the market. This could be as simple as your child deciding to design and sell earrings online then asking their friends what sort of jewellery they’d love to wear, or what are some cool designs they wish were available in a store.

Have your kids set a budget for any material costs and then project how much money or profit they’ll make as a way of assessing the feasibility of their idea and setting prices.

Check out organizations like The Lemonade Project that are designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in kids and give them the tools to set a goal and make a plan.

Keep them motivated along the way by listening to stories of real life entrepreneurs and success stories (and earlier failures!). There’s plenty of inspiration to be found through TED Talks or podcasts like CBC’s Terry O’Reilly’s We Regret to Inform You.

How Kids Can Learn the Value of Money by Working

There is something to say about earning a dollar versus giving someone a dollar. Whether it is chores or an actual job, when a child earns money they begin to develop a respect for money.

Given the importance of financial skills in life, it is important to begin teaching money lessons early on.

Some simple money lessons that kids can learn are:

  • Waiting to buy
  • Understanding that money is a limited resource
  • Money can grow by saving it

These simple lessons will be beneficial not only when you child begins making money but also as an adult!

If you would like your children to make money at home, these are going to be some useful tips for you. You will find several ideas in this article worth introducing to your kids.

If you have any questions regarding how to make money as a kid subject, please make a comment below. I will help you as much as I can.   More Great Posts:   125 Simple Ways to Save Mone

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When can you start teaching your kids about money?

Source: Africa Studio/

Source: Africa Studio/

Even when kids are very small, you can still begin to begin teaching them about money. When kids are toddlers, they are extremely inquisitive and have a strong desire to learn. It is also during this timeframe that they begin to strongly mirror your behavior.

So, it makes natural sense to begin introducing them to the idea of money when they are in this frame of mind. Around this age, I began teaching my children about money a few different ways:

  • Taking them to the grocery store to look at the price tags.
  • Having them tell me how many fingers something cost.
  • Showing them the different ways you can pay for groceries (credit/debit card, cash, check, EBT card).
  • Buying a play cash register and plastic food to have a pretend grocery shopping trip at home.

If you start with basic lessons and pretend play like this, then building on this financial foundation is much easier as your child ages.

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Teaching your kids about finances and how to make money as a kid are extremely important lessons. But embrace the challenge with your young children as they become budding adults!

While you may not know everything about finances, learning new things together might just teach you both something valuable. And if your kids can learn to make extra cash now, when they are still children, then they will ultimately be much more diverse and adaptable in terms of managing everything financial later on. Plus, they’ll get a little pocket money so they don’t have to keep asking you for $20 every time they want to go to Starbucks.

That’s a win-win in my book! 

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