1. Participate in the Sharing Economy

What is the sharing economy? It’s a bit of a marketing buzzword, but the concept is actually quite simple. It refers to a model in which regular people share goods and services through online platforms.

In today’s digital society, there are tons of different opportunities you can take advantage of. Offer rides to passengers and pick up some spare change using apps like Uber or Lyft. Or, if you’re comfortable, list one of your rooms for rent on Craigslist or offer up your whole house using Airbnb.

If you’re in a more creative industry, you can also list your skills and expertise on Fiverr—which allows you to pick up small gigs and projects that pay $5 per piece. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can really add up! Plus, it’s a great way to refine your skills and add to your portfolio if you need it.


Find a Remote Job

If working onsite is an issue because of childcare, family, or other issues there are flexible remote jobs you can get hired for quickly:

  • Search Indeed and Monster using terms such as “remote” and “work from home” to find virtual employment. 
  • FlexJobs has also vetted opportunities for flexible and remote work. There’s a fee, but there are often discounts available. 
  • Use CareerOneStop’s Find a Remote Job portal to search for positions where you don’t need to commute or work onsite every day.

47. Sell Virtual Property

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games like World of Warcraft and Second Life can really eat up a lot of your time. But you can make this time more productive — and even profitable — by getting into virtual real estate. Skilled gamers make money selling virtual property and high-level characters because these things have real-life value. One of the most notable pioneers in the field, Anshe Chung, became a millionaire playing video games by selling property on Second Life.

86. Shovel Snow

If you live where it snows, you already know that someone has to be responsible for clearing it from sidewalks, driveways and lawns. Most people don’t want to wake up early to clear snow away, and that’s where you come in. Depending on how quickly you can work, charging $10 to $20 a yard can be a great boon to you. A larger yard will justify a higher rate. If your business grows quickly, consider investing in a snowblower to increase your speed.

Sell Your Unnecessary Items 

One way to get cash quickly is to sell the stuff you don’t need. Amazon accepts trade-ins on devices, electronics and video games. There are many sites and apps you can use to sell clothes and household items.

Additionally, local sites like Craigslist, Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace or online garage sales are other good ways to sell what you don’t need and generate some quick cash. 

7. Earn rewards (the easy way) with the Drop App

Drop is a free app which lets you earn reward points for your everyday spending. Each time you make a purchase at one of your favorite retailers, you’ll earn points.

This means you can earn points for going grocery shopping, taking an Uber, grabbing a snack, and more. It’s a pretty simple way to make money without a job!

It’s an effortless way to earn rewards. Simply link your debit and credit cards to the Drop App (this is completely safe).

Then you’ll earn Drop points for purchases you make using any of your linked cards, in addition to debit / credit card rewards points.

Every 1,000 points is worth $1. You can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite retailers, such as Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and more.

How to get started with the Drop App:

How to get started with the Drop App:

  • Download the App: After you download the app, link your debit and credit cards. You’ll automatically earn points whenever you spend with any of your linked cards.
  • Shop at Your Favorite Places: Whether it’s grocery shopping or taking an Uber, you’ll easily earn points.
  • Get Cash Rewards: Redeem your Drop points for gift cards to where ever you want. Simple.

14. Flip stuff for profit

If you want to learn how to make money without a job, consider flipping stuff for profit. You can do this on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Amazon. This can be a great way to make money without a job in highschool.

Rob and Melissa, the masterminds behind FleamarketFlipping.com, they make a full-time income from flipping stuff for profit. This can be a great way to make extra money fast.

In their first year full-time, they made $133,000 in sales!

I recommend checking out Rob’s FREE 75-minute workshop. You’ll learn how to find hidden treasures at flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, and auctions, and how to turn them into maximum profit. His workshop is completely free to join. You can sign up here.

Be a human guinea pig

If spending hours upon hours in busy stores and supermarkets doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm, you could always put your body forward to be involved in medical research. Clinical trials pay well. Your current health, age, location and other factors will affect your eligibility. However, you don’t always need to be in perfect health! Some studies and trials look for people with specific conditions like asthma and diabetes.

Find out more about how you could make money taking part in paid clinical trials. 


3. Teach Online

If you have a skill, a trade or knowledge of a certain foreign language, you can easily make money by teaching others. There are many websites that are looking for people who can teach these skills online. Even though this does not allow you as much control and freedom like other lifehacks we mentioned above, it can be fun if you are a person who likes to teach others.

There is one bonus that comes with this. You will get an experience you can put in your resume and help you score a job later on. But be careful; many people have managed to make a successful career out of teaching people online, however, not everyone can do this successfully.

Apply for Unemployment

If you’ve lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Each state operates its own system, so eligibility requirements and benefits may vary depending on your location. Unemployment insurance typically won’t cover you if you’ve quit your job, been fired, are an independent contractor or haven’t worked at a job long enough to qualify.

Unemployment benefits are meant to provide temporary support while you are between jobs. To that end, benefits don’t last forever. In many states, unemployment benefits run out after 26 weeks; in some states, they can last as little as 12 weeks. During extraordinary times, the federal government may supplement and extend unemployment benefits, as they have done during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although unemployment benefits aren’t a permanent substitute for gainful employment, they can be a critical lifeline for anyone who’s between jobs. If you’re also trying to make sure your credit stays in great shape, rest assured that collecting unemployment benefits doesn’t affect your credit in any way. Unemployment benefit payments do not appear on your credit report and have no bearing on your credit score.

Walk dogs

Why not turn your love for dogs into hard cash? As many dog owners simply don’t have the time to take their furry friends on walks during the day, money is there to be made by walking dogs. Get exercise, make cash, spend time with dogs – what’s not to like?!

Find out more about making money dog walking here. 


5. Become a Streamer

Many people spend money in order to play video gam

Many people spend money in order to play video games, but there are those who do it the other way around; they make money by playing video games. If you are a gamer yourself, and in need of cash, then this is an excellent opportunity to turn your hobby into a paying gig. Thanks to the streaming websites like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, smart and lucky people are now swimming in cash that they’ve earned by broadcasting their gameplay on the internet.

However, turning streaming into a lucrative business is not an easy task, because you need to build a sizeable audience that will be willing to watch and pay. You will be needing the proper gear and, if you do not own an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, a game capture box and a PC will do the trick. Once you set up everything, remember to be entertaining and charismatic if you want people to come back and watch you.

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Consider Starting a Business

Is now really a good time to start a business? Opportunity sometimes springs out of extraordinary circumstances. For many who have been furloughed or laid off during the pandemic—or who’ve needed to stay home with school-age children—necessity has been a motivator. If you have in-demand skills to share, a sure-fire product or service idea and the resources to launch and market a business, starting your own business could be more feasible than you think. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a skill you can market? Suppose you’ve been laid off from your job as a human resources manager. Could you outsource your skills to local businesses by the hour? You might be able to recoup your income and retain the flexibility to work from home and set your own hours.

Do you have an idea that solves a problem? Maybe you’ve invented a marketable product. Or you’ve cooked up the perfect recipe for a mobile, contact-free dessert delivery service. You may even see an opportunity to step into a local business someone is trying to sell. While it’s essential to think through the market challenges of starting a business in 2021, viable markets still exist. Your pandemic business idea may still have legs once the pandemic is over, or you may be able to evolve as the market changes.

Are you the right person to make this business succeed? Having the right work ethic, enthusiasm, business knowledge and even a network of supportive mentors can all contribute toward your success as a business owner. So, too, can access to capital. Though it can be tough to qualify for a startup loan, it is possible to get a loan to start a business—or to purchase an existing business.

3. Pick Up Odd Jobs

When it comes to making some extra money, you don’t always need to think big. In fact, picking up a few random projects and odd jobs can result in some serious cash in your pockets.

What sorts of odd jobs can you look for? Well, the options are virtually limitless. Offer to walk dogs for the people in your neighborhood. Mow lawns or weed gardens. Clean people’s homes. If you’re handy, take care of a few repairs for people who need them.

People need help with things all the time—but might not necessarily want to book an expert or professional. So, making yourself available to address those issues can mean some much-needed extra cash for you!

40 Easy Ways to Make Money Without a Job That’s 9-to-5

Give Out Your Opinion Online

Frequently, companies like this will hand out rebates, coupons, and rewards, but not cash. Some of them, however, will allow you to easily earn money from home with little fuss.

  1. Fill Out SurveysSwagbucks, CashKarma, Survey Junkie, and other sites have a fairly good reputation for giving back money or gift cards.
  2. Earn With Emails or Watching VideosInboxDollars allows you to earn for typical online activities like checking your email.


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