Most respected job between customer and driver Ive ever experienced

Uber Driver (Current Employee) – Cincinnati, OH – May 1, 2022Uber is a wonderful job to have. Gives you the freedom to go about your day and make money at the same time. Nice bonus money. The more time you put into the job the more money you will make. My best advice if your making good money is to put money aside for uncle Sam for to he end of the year

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How Much Do Uber Drivers Give to Uber?

Uber charges drivers a service fee, which varies for each trip and is calculated by taking the difference between a rider’s payment and what the driver earns, excluding tips, tolls, surcharges, taxes, and various other fees, including the booking fee. According to Uber, the service fee is variable rather than fixed to make it fairer for drivers and will be lower if the trip takes longer than expected.


Uber Driver Percentile Pay by Location

The following data shows the percentile distributions of Uber driver earnings in several different locations. Note that median earnings appear in the 50% column.

Location 10% 25% 50% 75% 90%
Connecticut $26,793 $32,802 $39,402 $48,102 $56,023
New York City $29,665 $36,702 $44,102 $53,902 $62,824
Kentucky $22,712 $27,902 $33,602 $40,902 $47,548
San Francisco $30,001 $38,102 $45,902 $56,002 $65,198
Wyoming $22,603 $27,702 $33,302 $40,602 $47,248

Start Driving With Uber Ride Share

For most side hustlers, Uber is worth it. But alternatives to driving with Uber are on the rise. Finally how much is Uber worth depends from your ability to be a successful driver.

Your earnings are a result of smart work and strategies to save money.

Good job to work when you want to

Uber Eats Driver (Current Employee) – Aurora, IL – April 23, 2022This job really changes depending on the person. To get the most out of it for me I had to test out each day of the week and different timing during the day to find what works best for me and what helps me get the most out of a delivery run. Some days are better than most but overall the more time you put in to this the more you make.

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What About Uber Eats?

Uber rideshare drivers also have the option to deliver orders through Uber Eats. This entails opting in, accepting delivery orders and then transporting food and beverages to customers.

Choosing to deliver food can boost an Uber driver’s pay, especially on days when rides are slow. Uber encourages its drivers to diversify their payment options, depending on demand.

Uber Eats pays drivers a delivery fare based on pick-up, drop-off and distance. There is also a similar surge pricing for food delivery known as “Boost” that will increase pay at certain times of the day.

FAQs About Driving for Uber

Q: Safety: How Does Uber Manage Safety Concerns for Both Drivers and Riders?

A: Due to the nature of Uber’s model, there can be some hesitation when it comes to using the platform, for both drivers and riders. Some of the safety features available for drivers include:

  • Easy access to emergency assistance through the app
  • “Follow My Ride” which allows you to share your whereabouts with your friends and family so they can track your trips in real-time.
  • GPS tracking of all your trips, making it easy to pull up information should anything happen while you’re on the road
  • Driver and rider ratings. If a rider displays unacceptable behavior that you feel you should warn fellow drivers about, you’re always able to report your experience through ratings and through Uber’s easy customer service functionalities.
  • Trusted insurance providers allow you to confidently insure your vehicle for your business uses.

Q: What are the best practices for picking up a rider?

A: Once you’ve accepted the trip, a rider’s specific location will be indicated with an arrow. If you anticipate that your rider will be difficult to find, you may want to contact your rider and request that they use the Spotlight feature, which allows you to easily see an illuminated color that is specific to your ride.

Other tips to ensure a great rider experience is to pick them up on the side of the road on which they are waiting, making it a seamless experience right from the start. Once the rider approaches your vehicle, it is best practice to greet them by name to confirm that they are the correct driver. Once inside your vehicle, allow them to get settled and buckled in before starting to drive. From there, start a friendly conversation and make the customer experience as good as possible!

Q: I can’t find my rider, what do I do?

A: The standard wait time for a rider to meet you at the indicated destination is 5 minutes (less for UberPOOL rides). If you are unable to find or communicate with your rider, you can cancel the trip. At this point, the rider will be charged a cancellation fee which is then paid out to you to accommodate for your time spent waiting.

Q: Can I bring someone else along with me while I’m online and accepting Uber trip requests?

A: As part of Uber’s commitment to rider and driver safety, drivers are not allowed to have other passengers in the vehicle besides the official Uber rider(s).

Q: I feel much safer when I have a video camera or dash camera installed. Is this allowed while driving for Uber?

A: As long as your city’s laws allow this, you are permitted to install and actively use a video recording device in your vehicle while online and driving with Uber.

Q: I’ve gotten in an accident while on a trip with a rider. What should I do?

A: There are three basic steps to follow if you’ve been in an accident while completing a trip with an Uber passenger:

  1. Check the safety and wellbeing of yourself and your passenger(s)
  2. If the situation calls for it, contact the police and ambulance.
  3. Notify Uber when an accident has occurred. You can do this through the Trip Issues tab in the Uber app.

Q: I’ve moved and want to drive in a different city. Is this possible?

A: Since your Uber driver application is approved based on the city that you indicated during your application, your new city means that you will have to make some adjustments and reapply under the new circumstances. Luckily, though, you don’t have to go through the entire process all over again. Instead, head to Uber here and request a change to your account and submit for review.

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5. The Best Car To Drive For Uber

In addition to what we said about the Uber pay, you should know that Uber driver salary depends on the type of car driven. Working as an Uber driver with a luxury car will be paid differently than a normal car you see swarming the city streets on any given day.

The minimum fare you make for a XL goes up quicker compared to UberX. In addition with Uber XL you generally get a better quality of clients that tip better than UberX riders.

According to the U.S. News and World Report the list of the best cars for Uber and Lyft Drivers in 2020 includes:

  1. Toyota Camry Hybrid version
  2. Toyota Camry
  3. Honda Civic
  4. Honda Accord Hybrid version
  5. Honda Accord
  6. Mazda6
  7. Ford Fusion
  8. Honda Insight
  9. Ford Fusion Hybrid version
  10. Volkswagen Jetta
  11. Subaru Legacy
  12. Subaru Impreza

So, is Uber profitable for drivers? Even if you do not have the right car, by using our money gas saving tips and keeping a diligent track of your miles, you can boost your driving income.

Indeed as a rideshare driver, your biggest tax deductions will be the costs related to your car.

How Much Money Will You Make?

Depending on where in the country they drive, most drivers can make anywhere from $5 to $26 per hour before accounting for expenses such as gas, tax, and car maintenance. Uber sometimes offers cash bonuses for new drivers, too. For example, the company has been known to offer up to $500 to Lyft drivers to join.

There are other ways to maximize your earnings while driving for Uber, including:

  • Driving a hybrid vehicle, which should save you money on gas
  • Driving during a surge, which is when Uber charges riders peak pricing due to the lack of available drivers in a certain area at a certain time or for rides in a populated city
  • Making food deliveries with the Uber Eats app

“There’s plenty of earning opportunity as an Uber driver, but you can’t just flip on the app and expect to make a ton of money,” notes Harry Campbell, owner and founder of “You have to be willing to try new places, new times, and basically, go above and beyond what other drivers are doing.”

2. Ensure your car meets the vehicle requirements

Riders don’t want to be stuck on the highway with a broken-down car. It’s important for vehicles to meet specific requirements as rideshare cars.

Uber vehicle requirements

Vehicle requirements may vary across cities and states. In general, your vehicle must be no older than 15 years. You also can’t use a rental vehicle or a salvaged, rebuilt, or reconstructed vehicle, and it must have four doors.

Uber vehicles should be in good condition – meaning no cosmetic damage or commercial branding. All vehicles must pass an inspection.  

Lyft vehicle requirements

Lyft vehicles must also have four doors, and they must be able to open and close from both inside and outside of the car. Passengers must be able to unlock and lock their own doors, and there must be at least five seat belts.   

Engine, suspension, steering and brakes must be working properly. All the lights should function – including high- and low-beam headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights.

Lyft goes into further detail, requiring that drivers’ tires have sufficient tread, the wipers and horn work, and the front seats move forward and backward. Air conditioning and heat should be working properly too.

Windows and mirrors can’t have cracks, and windows need to work right. Tailpipe and mufflers should be within the state standards and shouldn’t be modified. Lyft cars also can’t have body damage or dents.

How do you become the best Uber driver?

“She gave me a horrible rating for no reason!”

This was the story of my weekend nights for a few weeks in a row. It was very frustrating to see that I was doing my best as a driver only to receive poor ratings.

My rating is currently at a respectable 4.81 (apparently a common rating for drivers). I would like it to be a perfect 5, but you know, that doesn’t always work out.

If you become a full-time driver then this will be your livelihood. The current standard for remaining in the system as a driver is a 4.6. If you fall below this you might get pulled from the system. You might be able to redeem yourself by paying for a course (more money spent!).

I don’t want you to get kicked out of Uber. I want you to become the best driver possible so that you can create a new income for yourself and never have to stress about going back to your old job if you decide to go full-time.

How do you become the best Uber driver?

  • Have your GPS ready to go.
  • Know the roads.
  • Know what’s going on in the city (special events and concerts).
  • Be polite, but don’t get annoying.
  • Have water available.
  • Keep a charger in your car. A driver with a charger is a life saver.
  • Ensure your car is clean and smells good.
  • Ensure that you smell good (but don’t overdo the cologne).
  • Don’t ask for tips.
  • Have some snacks (mints).

Some of these tips may seem like common sense but they aren’t so common. I’ve seen many complaints on social media about cars that were filthy, drivers that yapped too much, and drivers who didn’t know the roads.

My worst experience as a passenger was when I got into a car and the driver didn’t even know how to use the Uber app. I had to show him how to use the GPS. It was also a pretty dangerous ride. The gentleman clearly wasn’t ready to be working as a driver, he had his cell phone in his hand and was confused as to how the process worked. He clearly didn’t even bother watching the introductory videos.

Let’s go over a couple of common questions about driving for Uber…

Should you make small talk with passengers?

It’s okay to make small talk. Apply common sense logic here. If there’s a young couple holding hands, don’t start talking about the traffic. Don’t talk at all. Let them enjoy the ride. They don’t care about you. If the person is clearly bored and looking to chat, then engage them. If you find yourself rambling, then stop, ask them if they have a preferred radio station and let the tunes take over.

What’s the deal with flirting?

You have to remember that Uber has all of your information. You have to watch what you do. You don’t want to cross any boundaries and end up on the news. In the GTA area, a guy ended up on the news because he allegedly took advantage of an intoxicated passenger. I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened. He could have legitimately taken advantage of her or maybe she invited him or maybe he just crossed the line. Either way, I don’t want you to end up on the news because that’s the last thing that you ever want to happen to you.

I don’t care how charming you think you are. Don’t cross the line with flirting. I usually downplay the flirting that comes from passengers. I either brush it off or change the topic because I don’t want to give Uber or myself a poor reputation.


The pay sounds pretty cool but don’t forget about your costs. When you drive for Uber, you use your own car and pay all the associated expenses. Many Uber drivers fail to understand the true costs of this arrangement and as a result overestimate their earnings. Let’s take a walk through the cost side of the Uber equation. I want to make sure you really get this.


If you are thinking about driving for Uber, you probably already own a car and that means you probably already have car insurance. The thing is, your existing policy may not be adequate. That’s because once you start earning money with your car, you become a commercial driver and that usually calls for different car insurance.

Call up your insurance company and tell them that you will be driving for Uber. Ask them if the policy you have is enough. There is a slim chance that your existing policy will be sufficient but probably not. Here’s why.

When you become a paid driver you are a higher risk. That’s because you are on the road more hours and that means you are more likely to be involved in an accident.

Your insurance company might be able to sell you a hybrid policy that covers both personal and commercial use and if so, your premiums will go up. If your company doesn’t offer a policy, Uber can sell you this added coverage but the Uber policy isn’t enough. You’ll still need your own personal policy. So make sure to find out what your additional insurance costs are going to be.


Of course if you make money driving for Uber you’ll pay tax on that income. Keep in mind that you are an independent contractor and while Uber will send you a 1099, you’re still responsible to file. Also, remember you’ll be an independent contractor and as such your tax preparation may be more complex and therefore may cost you more money to have prepared.

But there is also some good news when it comes to taxes. Because you will be in business for yourself, you might be able to write-off more of your work related expenses and that could end up saving up a nice chunk of change. Rejoice.


In order to make this business work, you must have a smart phone and a data plan. You can install the Uber app on the iPhone 4s,5,5C,5S,6 and 6 Plus running iOS 7 or later. You can also use an Android 4.0 or later. If you already have both a smart phone and a good data plan, this isn’t really an added cost.

Gas, Maintenance, Wear and Tear

Each driver has different car costs associated with working with Uber. Your costs will depend on your gas mileage, how well you keep your automobile, the kind of driving you’ll be doing and your car’s current condition.

I did a lot of sniffing around and found that the typical Uber driver figures it costs them about $.30 per mile to drive for Uber all in. If I was thinking about driving for Uber however, I’d assume it cost me $.40 per mile just to be on the safe side. The cool thing is, the IRS allows you to deduct $.53.5 (2017) per mile or actual costs – whichever is greater. So you might be able to write off more than it actually costs you and save some tax dollars. Cool.

Adding It All Up

There is a lot of controversy about Uber driver-partner expenses. And it is a murky subject. Your expenses will vary depending on how you work. I read everything I could on this topic (including scouring the Uber driver forums). Bottom line? Expect to set aside about 30% of your gross to pay your expenses.

What Are Uber Driver Requirements?

As long as you can pass Uber’s background check, you shouldn’t find it difficult to become an Uber driver (unless your city imposes some difficult requirements of its own).

Install the Uber app on your smartphone and create an account on Uber, including the bank account into which your earnings will be paid.

When you’re ready to start picking up passengers, tell the Uber app that you’re going online. Then wait.

Before long, the app will notify you about a passenger requesting a ride and show you a map with the passenger’s GPS coordinates. You pick up the passenger and take the person to his or her destination. Aware that the passenger can rate you afterward, you do your best to make the passenger feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied.

Make sure you understand clearly where your pick up location is to avoid late arrivals

You just keep repeating this process, being notified about passengers and taking them to their destinations, until you’re done for the day. Then you tell the Uber app that you’re going offline. You can rate your passengers on their behavior.

Uber will deposit the money that you’ve earned into your bank account.

6. Wait for your application to be accepted

The last step before you are a rideshare driver is waiting for your application to be accepted. Many factors determine how long the process will take, but Campbell said most drivers are approved in five to seven days.

While potential drivers are waiting to hear if they are approved, they should ensure they have a working smartphone, which is necessary to use both the Uber and Lyft platforms. Once your application is approved and you have a phone, you can hit the road, pick up your first passenger, and start earning money.

Max Freedman contributed to the writing and research in this article.


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