Best brokerage account bonuses in May 2022

  • Charles Schwab: $100 to $1,000 (personally referred friend offer)
  • Ally Invest: $100 to $3,000
  • eToro: $50 (personally referred friend offer)
  • Merrill Edge: $100 to $600
  • Fidelity Investments: $100
  • E-Trade: $50 to $3,500
  • Axos Invest: $100

Is Moomoo free?

Regulatory fees For US residents, investing with moomoo is commission-free. The company does not charge you fees to open your account, to maintain your account, or to transfer funds to your account.


6. E*Trade Brokerage Promotions: Up To $2,500 In Cash Offer

Apr 20, 2021 — This site may be compensated through the issuer’s/entity’s Affiliate Program. This offer is not valid for ETRADE Securities retirement, ETRADE (17)

Does E*TRADE have any referral codes? Do I get any perks for referring a friend, and how can I find my code? Thanks!!(18)

I hope you promote my products. However I also desire you to prosper at the highest level possible, so that includes promoting items from JVZoo, Clickbank, (19)

Dec 18, 2018 — “This will be attractive to RIAs, because getting referrals is the hard part,” said Alois Pirker, research director at Aite Group. Referral programs (20)

8. AFFİLLİATE MARKETİNG – Global Finance Platform

Affiliate Marketing Services. Our GLOBAL FINANCE Platform is an online stock brokerage firm which offers investors the ability to buy and sell securities such as (24)

Education: You are not required to have a college degree in order to qualify for a position as an affiliate marketer. How can I learn affiliate marketing? Schedule (25)

ETrade-Electrical affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises ETrade-Electrical or (26)

eToro: $50 bonus (for qualifying friend referrals)

You and a friend can both earn a $50 bonus at eToro if you refer a friend who signs up for the broker.

To receive the bonus award, you must:

  • Log into your eToro account.
  • Copy your referral link for the promotion or a share button.
  • Send the link to your friends and family.
  • Have a friend deposit at least $100 in their account in the first 30 days of account opening.

Your referral must be a new customer who has not registered with one of eToro’s apps before. Your referral must sign up within 30 days of first clicking the bonus link. To receive this award, both you and your referral must live in one of the eligible states or territories.

A referred friend can receive this promotion once, while a referrer can receive it up to 10 times. Those receiving a reward should not attempt to withdraw the reward within 30 days of receiving it.

Read Bankrate’s eToro review to learn more.

How Referral Fees from Web Offers Typically Work

Each referral fee program has its own unique features, but they generally follow similar patterns when it comes to procedures, terms and conditions.

Most of them work like this:

  • You have to be a participating member in the service in order to get paid for referrals.
  • You have to sign up for the referral program with a vendor in order to participate.
  • You provide the name and contact information of the person you are referring, and the vendor will contact them.
  • The friend must also sign up for the service and complete an initial transaction, which might be purchasing the service or funding an account.
  • There’s usually a waiting period of between 30 and 60 days, or the referred friend needs to sign up for and use the service, before you’ll receive the referral bonus.
  • Vendors might send you an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year, indicating that the referral bonus is taxable. This will happen if they pay you total bonuses of $600 or more in any one year.

All in all, it’s a simple process. And once you sign up for one referral program, it will be easy to expand your participation. Especially since you will be referring out products and services you already use and believe in.

Once you start making some money, you’ll probably get hooked.

Does Webull have referral?

Invite Friends. A WEBULL BROKERAGE ACCOUNT! Between 01/21/2022-02/10/2022, get a total of TWO FIVE FREE stocks by opening & funding (any amount!) a Webull brokerage account! Open a Webull brokerage account and get ONE(1) free stock, valued between $3-$300.

Referral marketing widget

Most software will allow you to display the program in a variety of ways. A popular and convenient option is the refer-a-friend widget. This is a great way to get customers signed up for your referral program, without making them jump through hoops to do so.

The cool thing about a refer-a-friend widget is that it can be used as a pop-up. This way you can decide when a customer should sign up. One helpful tip is, do this when the customer is most happy.

For example, some ecommerce sites have a pop up refer-a-friend widget right after a customer makes a purchase. The trick is to refrain from having too many pop-ups as a customer will likely ignore them if too many occur during one session.

Referral program marketing: Examples of success

Referral marketing, also called refer-a-friend marketing, uses the influence of existing customers to encourage new customer acquisition.

Referrals work because people tend to trust recommendations from someone they know. Based on this trust, refer-a-friend programs help to spread the word about a particular business, product, or service.

Refer-a-friend marketing makes use of programs in order to track and account for every referral. Essentially, referral programs are an organized way for customers to share a product or service with a friend, and to track the reward incentive process, as well. They encourage and mobilize customers to become your brand ambassadors, at little to no cost to you!

Here are two of the most successful referral programs that show just how beneficial they can be to your business:


Tesla is making a lot of headlines these days, being a futuristic and forward-thinking company. This approach carries over to the brand’s referral program. It previously rewarded its customers by giving each Tesla owner a maximum of ten $1,000 discounts to give their friends, and by letting Tesla owners tour the company’s factory on a VIP invite.

Each referral also gives customers a chance to win a free Model Y or Roadster. Today, it offers supercharging bonuses for each referral, as well as raffle entries for the chance to win a new Tesla vehicle.

In the last quarter of 2015, when Tesla ran the $1,000 promotion, 25% of their total sales came from their referral campaign. Currently, the brand’s customer satisfaction rate stands at a staggering 97%, with most willing to purchase their next car from Tesla.



Evernote has made great strides since its launch in 2008. This note-taking app is currently valued at a massive $1 billion and has over 100 billion customers worldwide. With barely any other marketing efforts, their referral program is largely responsible for their growth and success.

Customers earn 10 points for the first three referrals. This carries the value of an additional monthly upload of 3 GB, or three months of premium service. The referred friend gets a free month of premium service, as well.

We cover more referral program examples (including the famous Uber referral program) in our other articles. Browse through for any ideas, and apply them together with the following referral program best practices.


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