Good Jobs for Teens

Though having a job may seem like part of adulthood, there are many ways you can make money when you’re still in school. A lot of these positions can be part-time, which means you’ll still have time to study (sigh).

4. Take Surveys

Another easy task teens can do to earn money is take surveys online. You don’t need any experience to do this and can be as young as 13 years old to get started.

Survey Sites like VIP Voices, Swagbucks, Harris Poll, E-Poll, and Paid Viewpoint and others here allow U.S. teens to start taking surveys for cash and gift cards.


26. Give Music Lessons

If you play a musical instrument, and you’re pretty good at it, offer your services as a private music teacher. Kids often respond better to other kids, especially teenagers, when it comes to learning anything.

If you have the patience to teach, and musical skills too, this can be a real opportunity. You might approach this by speaking with school music teachers in your area and offering your services to work with students.

24. Work in a Movie Theater

Yes, this is a job, but one with a lot of perks. Not only does the pay tend to be above minimum wage, but you get to watch plenty of free movies.

You’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of air-conditioning on those hot summer days. And since movie theaters tend to draw teenagers, you’ll be in familiar company.

What to do with money as a teenager

So you’re a teen who’s figured out how to make some money – which is great!

Now it’s a question of figuring out what to do with money as a teenager.

Here are some ways we’d suggest splitting your earnings.

Keep some for fun things

Having your eye on a financial goal is fantastic. In fact, if this is you, you’re literally already in a better position than many adults who are struggling to manage their money.

But it’s fine to also save some of your money for fun things. That way, you’ll stay motivated to keep making money and also have the chance to live your life a bit.

Save most of it

It’s good to keep a financial goal in mind during all your hard work. As once you get there, the fact you’ve worked so hard to achieve that goal will make it all the more sweeter.

This is why it’s a good idea to save most of your money. If you’re earning cash in hand, keeping it somewhere safe should be fine, but consider opening a bank account instead to store it there.

Generally, you can open a bank account from 14 years old, but until you’re 18, you have to have a legal guardian as a co-owner of the account.

Invest part of it

As mentioned earlier, starting to invest as a teenager is seriously one of the best things you can do for your financial future.

One of the most important features of any investment is time – that is, having the time for your investment to compound (i.e. grow) in value.

So starting as a teenager definitely gives you enough time to do this.

And if you’re wondering what should a teenager invest in, look into low-cost, reliable options like an index fund.

This is what many adults – including me – base their entire investment portfolio on. So do some research into what that is and how to get started and start setting yourself up for future financial success.

45. Becoming a youth lifeguard

Scout around your local community pool, swimming recreation centers, or the like for lifeguard opportunities.

All this side hustle requires you to have is excellent swimming and resuscitation skills, basic lifeguard training, and a really cool whistle. The average lifeguard even makes – pretty decent for a side income summer job!

40. Transcribing audio files

If you’ve got a good ear and burning desire for perfect detail, you’d make the perfect fit as an online transcriptionist.

This position is of course, 100% remote and with totally flexible hours. All you need to do is listen to audio or video files and recordings, and transcribe that into a text form!

HUSTLR recommends bothRev ($1/minute) andTranscribeMe ($15-22/hour) as solid platforms that keep a pretty consistent stream of jobs coming in.

Teens Can Make Money Online

So, there you go: the best online jobs for teens. Most of these can be done online or else they depend on the Internet to connect you with customers so you can make money.

Remember to keep your parents or legal guardians in the loop—they’ll appreciate it. Plus, if you suddenly become richer than them—and they didn’t know where the money came from—they would be worried!

Your parents already know that you’ll learn the value of money when you earn extra cash as a teenager.

As you’ll learn, the road to financial independence is paved with patience and hard work. Earning extra money now, as a teenager, will teach you how to succeed when you start making more money later in life.

And these online jobs can teach you a lot about working in the professional world. The same is true for old-fashioned jobs for teens like becoming a babysitter, pet sitter, camp counselor, or grocery bagger. Nothing replaces work experience.

Making Money Online as a Teen

Moving into the 21st century, you can make money online starting as a teen! There are many different ways to do this, from selling clothes, to playing games, and even taking surveys and sharing your opinion. In this section we’ll take a closer look at the many ways you can earn money, sometimes without even leaving your room.

What to Do With The Money You Make as a Teen

If you decide to start making money as a teen, it is important that you have a plan for the money that you earn.

Make sure you put money in three different areas:

  1. Give
  2. Save
  3. Spend

A good rule of thumb is put 10% toward giving, 20% toward saving and 70% towards spending.

You can adjust these percentages depending on your needs and your level of discipline.

Making a plan for your money will help you build money habits that will be beneficial for the rest of your life.

In conclusion

Getting the first job is exciting and frustrating at the same time. Moreover, it is pretty challenging to find a job nowadays due to numerous layoffs. Therefore it is a great idea to focus the attention on online jobs for teens so that you or your dear teen can make money from home.

What to Do With Your Money

Once you’ve earned some money for yourself you can do whatever you want with it! However, before you go and spend it all, take a look at these other options:

Treat Yo Self

The fact that you’re taking the initiative to start learning how to make money on your own is pretty significant. Not a lot of teenagers do what you’re doing now.

For that reason, once you start making some money, be sure to reward yourself. Go out and buy something that you’ve wanted for a long time. Just don’t go too crazy!

Reinvest in Your Business

If you’ve started one of the side hustles above like reselling things at school or starting a blog, your business needs money to keep running. Make sure to re-invest as much of your profits as possible back into your business so that it can grow.

Save it

Once you start earning money, it’s important that you don’t blow it all. Saving money is an essential rule of finance and learning how to save early on will benefit you greatly later in life.

Plus, if you ever want to make a big purchase (e.g. car, computer), you’ll need some money saved in the bank for it.

Invest it

If you’re only 13, it may seem a bit silly to start investing so young, but by starting early you actually have a huge advantage.

Here’s how:

Let’s say you invest $1,000 when you’re 15. With no additional contributions and an 8% avg. return rate, by the time you’re 45, you’ll have $10,062.66 just from interest.

That’s your money making money without you doing anything.

Now let’s say you waited until you were 20 to invest that $1,000. With the same 8% return rate and no additional contributions, at the same age of 45 years old, you’d have only $6,848.48. That’s $3,214.18 less just because you waited 5 years to start investing.

I wish I started investing when I was younger!

If you want to learn more about getting started, check out this beginner’s guide on how to invest as a teenager.

Why you should start building passive income side hustles as a teen

Passive income allows you to make an income, maybe even as much as a full-time job, but without needing to work all the time. The sooner you start building passive income sources, the better.

It will help you save and prepare for the future. It’s beneficial to do this as a teenager because much of your time right now should be focused on your education.

7. Tutor

If you enjoy teaching and helping others learn, you can sign up to become a tutor with Enroll. Enroll is a site that provides virtual tutoring services covering over 1,000 different subjects.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a professional to become an online tutor. Enroll allows teens as young as 15 to sign up to tutor on various different subjects. The sites requires you to complete two free tutoring sessions first to gain momentum and build credibility by generating some positive reviews. Then you can start making money from future online tutoring gigs through the site.

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It’ll take some legwork upfront—and up to 30 minutes of your parent or guardian’s time. But it’ll be worthwhile when you have your own bank and PayPal account set up so you can make money and control where it goes.

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