Part One – The Basics

What is Twitch?

Before we get into how to earn money from Twitch, let’s start with a little background info.

Twitch is the world’s top streaming platform for today’s gamers, providing them with a platform for live streaming their gameplay and making money in the process.

Twitch got its start in 2005. At that time, however, it was called Justin.Tv after its founder Justin Kan.

It was originally formed as a 24/7 life broadcasti

It was originally formed as a 24/7 life broadcasting or streaming service. However, after receiving some mixed reviews, viewers were eventually allowed to join the party by setting up their own streaming channels. This gave rise to the modern phenomena we now call Twitch.Tv.

In 2014, Twitch.Tv was ranked fourth globally in traffic only behind Google, Apple, and Netflix. With such off-the-charts traffic numbers, it was sold to Amazon later the same year for a whopping $970 million!

So, is there money to be made on Twitch? You bet there is.

Today, Twitch averages an insane 140 million unique monthly viewers who use the platform to follow their favorite streamers day in and day out. That’s a lot of eyeballs to get in front of, and the numbers just keep growing.

In fact, the platform has continued to grow by 60 percent year-over-year, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Its growth is actually just beginning to kick into high gear, resulting in more income opportunities for new gamers just like you.

In addition to broadcasters, who I’ll refer to as streamers from here on out, media outlets and gaming publishers also have their own channels on the Twitch platform to give sneak peeks of upcoming game and product launches. Twitch also hosts several competitive and charity gaming marathons, tournaments, and eSports events.

Whether it’s competing in eSports, chatting with fellow gamers, or just playing games, there are endless possibilities with the Twitch platform. There are endless money-making opportunities too.

How to Make Money from Twitch – Your Options

Now that you know all about Twitch and its massive popularity, let’s get to the meat and potatoes – how do you make money on Twitch?

Well, there are actually quite a few different ways beyond simply playing video games. To give you a good idea of your options and Twitch’s income possibilities, let’s start by breaking down the income of the platform’s most popular gaming streamer: Ninja.

There are a lot of Twitch streamers making a good

There are a lot of Twitch streamers making a good living from the platform, but Richard “Tyler” Blevins, aka Ninja, is the world’s top Twitch streamer. Last year alone, he earned over $5.5 million by streaming his gameplay of Fortnite and other hugely popular titles.

Needless to say, if you want to learn how to make money on Twitch, he’s a good example to follow.

Here’s a look at each of his Twitch-related income streams:

• Subscriptions• Paid sponsorships• Ad revenue• Bit donations• YouTube

Like all of the top Twitch streamers, the bulk of Ninja’s income comes from subscriptions. In fact, he earns nearly $4 million a year from Twitch subscriptions alone.

However, he also earns a pretty penny from sponsorships, ad revenue, bit donations, and YouTube as well, all of which are important pieces to the Twitch income puzzle. Let’s dive into each.

Subscriptions – Twitch Affiliate and Partner Programs

As you can tell from Ninja’s income, Twitch streamers earn the bulk of their income from their subscriber base.

Viewers can choose from three different subscription levels on Twitch:

• $4.99• $9.99• $24.99

When first starting out as a Twitch streamer, the income from your subscribers will be split 50/50 with Twitch. However, as your subscriber base grows, Twitch will begin taking less and less of a percentage. Some Twitch streamers even earn up to 100 percent of their subscriptions.

Best of all, the subscriptions are recurring. You’ll earn money from your subscribers month in and month out.

That said, Twitch doesn’t let just anyone earn revenue this way. In order to begin gaining subscribers and making money from them, you must become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, which are both invite only.

To get invited to become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, you’ll have to get busy streaming and laying your foundation. Don’t worry; you’ll learn all about this in just a minute.

Paid Sponsorships

Similar to becoming a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, making money from paid sponsorships can take some time. However, once you’re able to grow your audience and develop relationships with gaming companies and others with products to market, you can get paid to wear, use, and promote their products on camera during your live streams.

For example, if you follow Ninja, you’ll see him promoting both DXRacer gaming chairs and Bud Light, and he probably earns a tidy sum just by displaying them on camera in his room for his large subscriber base to see.

Beyond this, you can also get paid directly from g

Beyond this, you can also get paid directly from game developers to live stream their games for added publicity and exposure.

Ad Revenue

Once again, ad revenue is reserved for Twitch Partners. However, once you get to this level, which won’t be hard if you follow the advice below, the payoff can be huge. In fact, the average Twitch Streamer earns $250 in ad revenue for every 100 subscribers he or she has.

For it advertising, Twitch offers both display and pre-roll ads, and each streamer is paid based on the popular cost per impression, or CPM, model. The more people who see your ads, the more you make.

Bit Donations

When first starting out and learning the ropes of

When first starting out and learning the ropes of how to make money as a Twitch streamer, your first revenue will likely come from bit donations given to you by your audience.

Similar to Bitcoin, a Twitch “bit” is a virtual currency. The platform’s viewers can purchase and redeem bits in order to use emotes in the chatrooms of their favorite streamers.

These animated emotes are known as “bit gems,” and Twitch will pay you $0.01 each time someone uses one in your chatroom.


YouTube is another great way of making money from your Twitch streaming activity. By uploading your twitch videos to YouTube, you can reach new audiences, increase your Twitch subscriber base, and earn income from YouTube as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Along with bit donations, becoming a Twitch affiliate and joining and affiliate program is one of the first ways many Twitch streamers begin making money on the platform prior to becoming a Twitch Partner.

Being an affiliate is similar to gaining sponsorship. Except, as an affiliate, you don’t get paid a set rate. Instead, you are paid a commission of the sale whenever someone clicks on a link.

You can become an affiliate of any company, usually gaming related, and earn a commission by promoting a product or service to your audience. Most Twitch users earning affiliate commissions do so through the use of coupon codes. When someone makes a purchase using your coupon code, you receive a percentage of the sale.

For example, you can promote your favorite gaming chair as an affiliate and share a coupon code given to you by the chair’s manufacturer with your followers. When one of them uses the coupon code to purchase the chair, you’ll get a portion of the sale amount, which can be anywhere from 10-75 percent!

Of course, the amount of money you can make with Twitch and affiliate marketing depends on the size of your audience, how engaged they are, and how much they actually buy. You can earn a little, or you can earn a lot.

For more info on affiliate marketing, head over to our best affiliate networks guide.


Did you know some eSports players make up to $3 million a year? How about the fact that the average eSports salary is $60,000 a year?

Pretty cool, right?

Although this income doesn’t come from Twitch directly, showing off your Madden or FIFA skills on your Twitch stream can get you noticed, signed, and paid by an eSports team.

Sure it’s a long shot, but if you’re skilled, it’s a shot worth taking.

Who has the most subs on Twitch female?

Born in Morocco but now based in Canada, Imane Anys aka Pokimane is the leading female streamer on Twitch with 7.82 million followers and an impressive $14,641 estimated media value.


How to Build an Audience on Twitch

If you really want to know how to make money on Twitch, it all comes down to this: grow a sizable audience.

Let me be honest: This takes an enormous amount of time and work — and even then, success is far from guaranteed.

Still, how can you build a community and increase your Twitch viewership? Here are 4 best practices to follow.

1. Find Your Niche

To attract attention, you need a way to stand out from the crowd. So, look for ways to carve out a niche for yourself. 

For example, perhaps you become an expert at a new game that’s growing in popularity. Or maybe you’re not the best gamer, but you’re witty and fun. 

2. Build a Following on Other Social Media Accounts

Compared to many social media platforms, Twitch offers very few ways to promote your streams. So, venture out to other platforms to build an audience.

For example, you could build your audience on YouTube or grow an Instagram following. Then you can promote your Twitch streams to your followers.

Take Real Summit1g — he often shares stream highlights on his Instagram account:

3. Network with Other Streamers

Networking and supporting other ambitious and popular streamers is a great way to generate new opportunities.

For instance, if you engage with another streamer and are active in their chat, the streamer and their viewers may visit your channel and follow you.

Plus, if you build friendships with other streamers you can plug each other’s channels and host each other. This will help cross-pollinate your audiences and attract new viewers.

4. Engage Viewers

Whenever a new viewer joins your stream, you have a golden opportunity to convert them into a true fan who’ll subscribe and promote your stream to their friends.

So, engage them in every way you can.

Ask viewers questions, respond to chat comments, crack jokes — ultimately, create highly entertaining content to get viewers to tune in regularly.

Tips For Streaming

Now that you know how avid gamers make money on Tw

Now that you know how avid gamers make money on Twitch, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Standing Out & Finding Your Niche

If you want people to discover your Twitch channel, you must stand out!

Find a different approach that sets you apart from the rest of Twitch and concentrate on it. Make sure you’re doing something unique whether it’s in terms of your gameplay style, the games you play, or how you interact with your viewers.

Promote Your Content

You can’t monetize something if no one’s watching- so be sure to reach out and build relationships with other streamers in your niche. Make sure you’re promoting your channel on all of your social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your viewers. Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to attract new viewers!

Keep Consistent

Consistency is vital for success- you can’t just go live once a week and expect anyone to show up. Stream as often as possible, even if it means going back over old content or streaming at odd hours of the day.

If you want to make money streaming, remember that consistency is vital. Be sure to be consistent in promoting your channel across all of your social media platforms.

Always be on the lookout for new ways to engage with your viewers on all your social media platforms.

Publish Videos On Multiple Platforms

Don’t just post your content on Twitch! You can also upload YouTube videos and to your social media accounts like Facebook or publish clips of your stream directly onto Twitter.

When you’re done streaming for the day, save some highlights and post them on all of these platforms- not only will this boost awareness about your channel, but it’ll help you get more views on your videos.

Plus, you could also make some money streaming videos on your YouTube channel, people have made millions on YouTube videos!

Not sure how to make engaging content on YouTube? Check out this Mastering YouTube course and learn how to make thousands on your YouTube videos!

Network With Other Twitch Streamers

It’s important to remember that you’re not in this alone- there are thousands of other streamers out there, many of whom are looking for tips on how to make money on Twitch just like you.

Reach out and connect with them! Offer your advice or assistance if they need it, and many will do the same for you.

Not only is networking with other streamers a great way to learn new tips and tricks, but it’s also a great way to expand your audience. When viewers see that you’re actively involved in the Twitch community, they’ll be more likely to check out your channel.

It’s also not a bad idea to get some collaborations- playing games against another streamer could double your audience, plus add more content for your viewers who want to see you beat someone else and not just a game!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Start Making Money on Twitch?

    In order to start to make money on Twitch, you will need to reach Twitch Affiliate status. This will allow you to get paid through subscriptions and Twitch bits through Twitch as you have fun live streaming your favorite video games. The better your content, the more you are likely to earn.

  • How Hard is it to Make Money on Twitch?

    While it is relatively easy to get some money on Twitch, it requires quite a bit of time and effort to begin making money at a level where you can reach a full-time income. That being said, with a strategy on how to grow your channel, you will typically find a way to earn by playing video games.

  • How Many Twitch Followers Do You Need to Make Money

    While there is no set number of followers that you need to get money on Twitch, many streamers begin making their Twitch payout every month once they reach 800-1,200 followers. Your goal should be to create a strong community around your content by playing games that your viewers are interested in watching.


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