1. Create A Landing Strip

If you have a front door that leads into an open-concept space, delineate a foyer area using furnishings that blend in with the rest of the room.

In this makeshift entry space, the bench and cabinet offer practical storage and seating but are curated to complement the room’s modern rustic interior design aesthetic. By keeping the pieces lined up against the staircase wall, it helps designate the space as an entry checkpoint.

Just remember that beyond using a cabinet and bench for shoes, purses, and jackets or as a catchall, dressing them with accents will make the pieces feel more integrated into your space while still providing all the functions of a full-size entry.

Shop This Look

Shop This Look

10. Don’t Forget a Coat Hanger

A lot of small apartments and homes don’t come equipped with a coat closet. Make your entryway functional by adding a few coat hooks or a small coat hanger.

A coat hanger will keep your jackets and bags from landing on your dining room chairs or on the side of the couch. 

For extra small spaces, you can buy coat hooks individually online or at most stores and just use the exact number of hooks you need for your belongings.


Simply Beautiful Faux Entryway

A House in the Hills

The faux entryway in this Palm Springs home makes a fantastic first impression while blending seamlessly with the living room. To pull off, stick to the same color scheme to create a smooth visual transition between both spaces.

For a closer look at this abode, visit A House in the Hills.

Add Floating Shelves Over a Painted Shape

Domm Dot Com/Instagram

The foyer displayed here already checks off so many of our boxes: warm tones, neutral color scheme, and proportionate mirror. However, what really brings it over the top are the floating shelves fixed to the wall with a painted beige oval underneath. Besides drawing your eyes upwards, it adds an artistic flair that will surely capture any guest's attention.

How do I brighten a small entryway?

Choose a light-color paint

A new coat of paint is among the easiest ways to brighten up a space. If that space is small, a white or very light-color paint will do wonders.

Install a new front door

Replace your solid door with a half-light or full light door. If you have the space, you can install sidelights, which are narrow, vertical windows on each side of the door.

Incorporate a mirror

As mentioned above, a mirror can be a great addition to an entryway. Not only does it add beauty and gives you a place to check your hair before leaving the house, it can really make your entry feel brighter and more spacious.

7. Brighten Your Entryway with Lighting

It’s never fun to come home from a long day to a poorly lit house. Warm up your entryway with some intentional lighting elements to make it more welcoming.

If you own your home, you can upgrade your ceiling fixture to something a little more exciting. But if you rent or don’t want to make big adjustments, you can swap out lightbulbs in existing fixtures or simply add table lamps to your entryway rack or table.

8. Make space for apartment entryway storage

(Image credit: Future)

The best entryway ideas for apartments include incredibly well thought-out hallway storage ideas. This is very likely to be for shoes, boots, coats and other outerwear – but if you have a storage cupboard already and a blank wall with enough depth in front of it, why not make space for a library? 

Note the nooks for display in this apartment entryway above, and how the back of the shelving is in a warm, reflective finish. This both bounces light around and creates a radiant backdrop that brings glamor and interest.

10. Ensure your apartment entryway has a big mirror

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Even the smallest apartment entryway can feel light, and bright – especially if it’s open-plan and furnished with a huge mirror. Decorating with mirrors is always a no-brainer when it comes to making a space feel bigger and brighter but having a wall of mirrors as in the apartment above can have a major impact, especially if the entryway is a dark corner but open-plan to the living space of the rest of the apartment.

That said, a wall of mirrors with nothing in front other than a blank opposite wall or one cluttered with coats and shoes won’t create flattering reflections, so ensuring either the mirrored wall or the one opposite is well decorated and furnished, as above.

Hang a Small Gallery Wall

Jenn Pablo Studio

For the more artistic entry, try hanging a small gallery wall over your statement seating. Whether you go with prints or a few pieces of artwork, the possibilities are truly endless. All it takes is three or more items and you can create your every own work of art for other to view once they walk through the door.

Boho Style Entryway

A Pair and a Spare DIY

Nothing says welcome home like an entryway decked out with beautiful foliage. A wood rack and wicker seat ratchet up the natural appeal.

A Pair and a Spare shares how to make the wall-mounted organizer.

7. Paint the door a bold color

The entryway of designer CeCe Barfield's Gramercy Park home is restricted to a door at the end of a long hallway, because there's really no room for other furniture because of the way the hall's designed. To define and draw attention to the space, she painted the door a bright green. You could do the same!

The best thing about this paint besides the color? The swatches are removable stickers, it’s an eco-friendly recipe, and you can buy it or any of their other colors online. SHOP NOW: Matcha Latte by Clare, $49/bucket, clare.com

11. Find a mail sorter

One of the biggest entryway pains has to be the ever-expanding pile of mail you're confronted with, which is why a handy-dandy sorter is such a good idea.

Wallpaper To The Rescue!

Via Pinterest – Source:Harbor & Pine

Beautiful wallpaper adds life to any space. Freshen up your entryway with wallpaper for a new look.

8. Think Skinny Console

When it comes to a front door that opens into a long hallway corridor, an easy way to create an instant entryway look and feel is to pull in a narrow console table.

In this tight entry hall, the slim console shelf takes up minimal space while still offering plenty of storage on the surface, inside the drawers, and down below. A narrow console also makes for the perfect entryway catchall and drop-off zone without impeding the walkway and the flow of the space.

Be sure to dress up the console with art, a lamp, and small accents to create a full entry look. You can add more definition by hanging a mirror above the console or pulling in a long runner, which is sure to set apart any small entryway with a burst of style and color.

Discover more entryway design ideas!


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