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Use this calculator to search out the sq. footage, sq. inches, sq. yardage, sq. meters or acres for a constructing, house, backyard or building undertaking. Calculate sq. footage, inches, yardage, meters and acres for panorama, flooring, carpet, or tiling initiatives to estimate space and the quantity of fabric you’ll need. Additionally calculate the price of supplies once you enter the worth per sq. foot, value per sq. inch, value per sq. yard or value per sq. meter.

Worth is entered within the fields, for instance, as $ value: 3.00 per: 1 sq. unit: foot (ft²) which means $3.00 per 1 sq. foot or $ value: 25.00 per: 1000 sq. unit: foot (ft²) which means $25.00 per 1000 sq. toes and so forth ….

If you wish to calculate quantity of bulk supplies similar to mulch or gravel it’s best to use our calculator for cubic yards and cubic meters.

Enter measurements in US items or metric items. Calculate space out of your measurements in inches (in), toes (ft), yards (yd), millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), or meters (m). It’s also possible to enter decimal values. For instance, in case you have one measurement that’s 7’3" you possibly can enter that as 7.25 toes (3"/12" = 0.25 ft). When you have a measurement of 245 cm you may as well enter that as 2.45 m.


Understanding the way to calculate sq. toes of homes is helpful to you. Understanding how to do that will assist you to when it comes time to promote your own home, plan for initiatives, and enchantment a property tax evaluation.

All inside elements of your own home are included as long as there’s a flooring you possibly can stroll on. Elements of your own home that don’t depend are garages, unenclosed outside areas, accent constructions, crawl areas, or unfinished attics. Ensure that to categorise every portion of sq. footage as completed or unfinished, too.

You’ll find the sq. footage of a home by measuring every room. Suppose in squares and rectangles to make measuring simpler. There’s nothing improper with measuring a front room with a bump out as two items to make it simpler. Figuring sq. toes is less complicated with some fundamental instruments you possible have already got, too. Now, you might be prepared to search out the sq. footage of your own home.


How To Determine Sq. Toes For Your Residence

Calculating the square footage of a home is relati

Calculating the sq. footage of a house is comparatively simple. To measure sq. toes, you simply must take it one room or area at a time. Measure the size, measure the width, multiply these two and you’ve got the sq. footage of an area. For instance, let’s say a bed room in your house is 12 toes extensive by 14 toes lengthy. 12 X 14 = 168, in order that bed room has 168 sq. toes.

With one further step you possibly can simply measure sq. footage for odd sized rooms that don’t finish on a particular foot measurement. Let me present you the way by barely adjusting the instance I used above.

Let’s say that bed room is 12 toes 9 inches extensive (or 153 inches) and 14 toes 9 inches lengthy (or 177 inches). Discover what I did right here. Ignore the foot measurement in your measuring tape all collectively. As an alternative, solely have a look at the full inches for size and width. Right here is the mathematics with the additional step:

  1.  Divide every inch whole by 12 (153 divided by 12 is 12.75 and 177 divided by 12 is 14.75)
  2. Multiply the 2 numbers (12.75 x 14.75)
  3. Reply: 188, the room is 188 sq. toes

What’s included in sq. footage of a home?

The simplest technique to calculate sq. footage is to measure all areas and rooms with a flooring. If you happen to can stroll on it it counts. Sq. footage consists of the entire areas in your that’s precise area. Your sq. footage whole ought to embrace:

  • Bedrooms and the closets
  • Loos
  • Hallways
  • Kitchens
  • Dwelling or recreation rooms
  • Enclosed 3-season or all-season rooms
  • Unfinished areas like a basement

Garages, outside areas, and unfinished attics don’t depend as sq. footage.

Discovering the sq. footage of your own home

To find out the sq. footage of you want some fundamental instruments and to observe a couple of steps. The instruments wanted embrace:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape

Comply with these steps to precisely measure the sq. footage in your house:

  1.  Measure each area besides the storage, the crawl area, and the attic if it’s not completed.
  2. Measure on the flooring.
  3. Squaring off areas is commonly essentially the most sensible technique to seize the entire sq. toes.
  4. Multiply the size and the width of every area you measured.
  5. As you measure every area label every area as completed or unfinished and whether or not it’s above grade or beneath grade

If you’re purchasing for a house to buy, the sq. footage quantity you see within the itemizing or on-line is almost definitely the full completed sq. footage. Nevertheless, you will need to know the way a lot unfinished sq. toes is current and the way a lot sq. footage is above grade or beneath grade. Every of those have an effect on a house’s worth.

Completed Vs. Unfinished Sq. Footage

Many people are confused about are basements inclu

Many individuals are confused about are basements included in sq. footage. The reply is sure, basements are included in sq. footage. Nevertheless, that sq. footage needs to be additional categorized as completed or unfinished.

Completed sq. footage is most frequently outlined as an area the place the partitions, ceiling, and flooring are all coated. What does that imply? For partitions, it’s coated once you can’t see the wall framing. The skeletal construction, electrical and pipes are coated with another materials similar to drywall, panelling, or plaster. For a ceiling, this is identical as with partitions, you can not see the skeletal construction as a result of it’s coated with another materials.

As for the ground, in case you are above the bottom, the bottom materials is often subfloor often known as oriented strand board (OSB). It appears to be like like plywood. If you’re within the basement or the house is a ranch on a slab, the bottom materials is probably going concrete. To be completed sq. footage, you shouldn’t be standing immediately on that materials. As an alternative, there needs to be some sort of flooring masking over the concrete or OSB like carpet, hardwood flooring, or tile, or flooring laminate.

When measuring your own home to find out its sq. footage be sure to put every quantity of sq. footage for every room or area into the completed or unfinished column.

Above Grade Sq. Footage vs. Under Grade Sq. Footage

Above grade sq. footage is sq. footage above the gradient line. The gradient line is the place the earth meets the house. Sq. footage on the principle flooring and all flooring above will nearly at all times be above grade. This solely will get a bit of tough when the house is a bi-level, tri-level, quad-level, or hillside ranch.

These house fashions could have a basement, however the lowest degree could also be known as the decrease degree. This occurs as a result of a degree of the house is partly below the gradient line but additionally partly above it. Most areas think about a degree like this to be the decrease degree and mark it as above grade sq. footage. Examine along with your native municipality, contractor, or an actual property agent for a sure reply to this query.

Convert amongst sq. inch, sq. foot, sq. yard and sq. meter

You possibly can, for instance, carry out your whole measurements in inches or centimeters, calculate space in sq. inches or sq. centimeters then convert your remaining reply to the unit you want similar to sq. toes or sq. meters.

To transform amongst sq. toes, yards and meters use the next conversion elements.  For different items use our calculator for area conversions.

  • Sq. Toes to Sq. Inches
    • multiply ft2 by 144 to get in2
  • Sq. Toes to Sq. Yards
    • multiply ft2 by 0.11111 to get yd2
  • Sq. Toes to Sq. Meters
    • multiply ft2 by 0.092903 to get m2
  • Sq. Yards to Sq. Toes
    • multiply yd2 by 9 to get ft2
  • Sq. Yards to Sq. Meters
    • multiply yd2 by 0.836127 to get m2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Inches
    • multiply m2 by 1,550 to get in2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Toes
    • multiply m2 by 10.7639 to get ft2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Yards
    • multiply m2 by 1.19599 to get yd2

Why Tenants, Householders, and Landlords Have to Know Sq. Footage

There are a number of the reason why tenants, owners, and landlords ought to all know the way to calculate sq. toes:

  • Understanding the sq. footage of a room will help you verify in case your furnishings will match.
  • Understanding the sq. footage of a particular floor will help you estimate renovation prices. If you happen to’re changing a kitchen countertop, for instance, you’ll want to calculate the sq. footage of the countertop so you may get correct quotes for the price of the job.
  • When you understand how to calculate sq. toes, you possibly can be sure to order the correct amount of provides and supplies. If, for instance, you propose to color a wall that’s 12 toes lengthy by 10 toes tall, you’ll want to discover the full sq. footage so you understand how a lot paint to purchase.
  • Maybe most significantly, understanding the sq. footage of properties and residences helps you evaluate costs to search out the very best worth. Let’s say you’re deciding between two related residences: House A is $1,500 per thirty days and House B is $1,800 per thirty days. Which is the higher deal? Effectively, it depends upon the sq. footage. If House A is 500 sq. toes and House B is 1,000 sq. toes, you’re getting extra space on your cash with House B. 

Find out how to calculate the sq. toes of a home

When getting ready to measure the sq. footage of a house, be it a home, rental, or townhouse, begin with a couple of easy provides:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Calculator
  • Measuring tape and/or laser measuring instrument

If the property is an ideal rectangle, merely measure the size and width and multiply these two numbers collectively. For instance, in case your one-story home is 60 toes extensive by 40 toes lengthy, then your property is 2,400 sq. toes (60 x 40 = 2,400).

Nevertheless, most properties have extra advanced flooring plans. When that is the case, it’s useful to observe these easy steps to measure sq. footage.

  1. Draw a tough sketch of your total area, labeling the entire rooms you’ll want to measure. Embrace hallways and vestibules as their very own “room.”
  2. Measure the size and width, in toes, of every room. Then, multiply the size by the width to calculate that room’s sq. footage. For instance: If a bed room is 12 toes by 20 toes, it’s 240 sq. toes (12 x 20 = 240). For every room, write the full sq. footage within the corresponding area in your sketch.
  3. As soon as every room is measured, add up all of the measurements to find out your own home’s whole sq. footage.

Notice: If you happen to reside in a tract house, rental or townhome group, you could possibly get architectural drawings or grasp builder plans of your flooring plan. These could have already got your sq. footage calculated.

What number of sq. toes is a 20×20 room?

The sq. footage of a room measuring 20 toes extensive by 20 toes lengthy is 400 sq. toes. To calculate this you merely multiply the width by the peak. 20ft × 20ft = 400 sq ft.

Find out how to discover the sq. footage of a rectangle

  1. Measure the width and size of the world in toes.
  2. Multiply your size and width collectively to get your space.

Notice: In case your measurements aren't in toes, convert them to toes first utilizing our length converter.

When you've carried out your calculation, you’ll have your sq. toes (ft2) determine. To calculate your price of supplies, merely multiply this determine by your price per square foot.

Completely different Items of Measurement

Utilizing sq. toes is the commonest unit of measurement in American actual property. However it’s not your solely choice. For small initiatives, you would possibly wish to work in sq. inches. For giant initiatives, like landscaping, sq. yards would possibly make extra sense. And in worldwide actual property markets, sq. meters are the usual for house measurements. 

No matter your unit of measurement, the system is identical. Multiply the size instances the width to calculate the world of sq. and rectangular surfaces. Simply be sure to’re utilizing the identical unit of measurement on your size and width. If you happen to’re searching for sq. toes, measure each distances in toes; in the event you’re searching for sq. meters, measure each distances in meters.

Sq. Footage Calculations FAQs

Discovering the measurements of your room will inform you of how a lot materials you’ll need to finish the undertaking


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