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6. Harness the Power of Mirrors

One of the biggest disadvantages to tiny windows is that they can put a damper on your room’s light. Reflect the sunlight you do receive by installing a large mirror beneath or across from the window. The glass reflecting the light tricks the eye into thinking that there’s more, creating a lighter and airier space than before.

3. Add Embellishments to Moldings and Trim

Decorative window moldings, like an entablature and side casing, help add gravity to diminutive window styles. If Victorian is not your style, consider a wide Craftsman molding or flat, ranch-style casing. Both provide a more subtle and minimalist look that still allows your windows to pop.

Make Windows Look Wider

  1. To make narrow windows look wider, opt for a curtain or drapery rod that’s 60 to 80 percent wider than the window, including the molding. Hang drawing curtains or draperies across the entire space, or hang stationary panels on each side. Each stationary panel should span from the rod’s end to just past the outer edge of the window glass. In both cases, the eye assumes the extra fabric at each end of the rod covers window instead of wall. To emphasize the horizontal inclination of the curtains or draperies, top them with a straight-bottomed valance or cornice board.

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Layer curtains and blinds

Layering curtains and blinds is a particularly interesting trick, especially for places that experience a lot of sunlight, like Australia, throughout the year. For example, combining curtains and blinds in Melbourne is not only a beautiful design solution but also a very practical one. Hang the blinds as close to the curtain rod as possible to make the windows appear taller. However, be careful not to raise the bottom of the blinds above the upper edge of your window to avoid exposing the wall between the rod and the window.

Choose curtain fabric wisely

Skimpy curtains will only make the entire design look cheap and not well executed. Therefore, always go for a thick, sturdy material when choosing the right fabric for your curtains. Not only will it do a better job of hiding the line between the window and the wall, but it will also look much more lush and expensive. Besides, it will do a much better job of providing you with some privacy when you need it. Also, use fabrics with vertical prints to further accentuate the height of your windows or go for a solid color with a discrete print if you want to accentuate both the height and the width of your windows.

3. Consider a light color palette

When outfitting a room with small windows, it pays to stick to a light color palette. Whether it’s neutral-hued window treatments, like the Off White Belgian Flax Linen Drapery or Ivory Organic Cotton Roman Shades or cream painted walls, light colors help reflect light around a room and create the illusion of larger windows, while dark tones absorb natural light and can further cramp up a small area.


Sheer Curtains

Let the light shine in with sheer curtains in a light color. Sheer curtains still provide moderate privacy if the width of the curtain is at least double the window width. The folds that form in the curtain as it hangs from the rod will make the curtain appear thicker, but sunlight will still filter through. Stay away from heavy curtains, loud patterns and bright colors that will dwarf a window.

Cafe Curtains

Give the appearance of a larger window with cafe curtains. Use the trick of placing the rods outside the window frame to make the window look larger. Generally the bottom rod is placed near the center of the length of the window; however, to make the window appear larger, install the rod lower on the frame. Keep the bottom curtain closed to complete the illusion.


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