1. Building A Fire Pit For $50? Yes!



The first idea is for those of you who are passionate DIYers with a very limited budget. You can build this small and practical backyard fire pit by using pebbles, road gravel, small stones,  or decorative rock for about $50.

The best thing is that this type of pit can be easily moved to a different spot (so if you are not sure where exactly to position it – that is your game).

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Upcycle a Beer Keg

Tony Whiston

It probably doesn't sound pretty retooling a beer keg into a fire pit, but it can be. It depends on your skills and how much time you want to invest in this project. As long as you know how to use a welder, an angle grinder, circular saw, drill, or Dremel, you can cut down these steel receptacles (either vertically or horizontally) and add vent holes. Also, stainless steel beer kegs can be sanded and polished to a mirror finish: you only need time and a little bit of elbow grease to class up these simple containers.


Repurposed Birdbath

Jeremy Poland / Getty Images

If you’ve grown tired of maintaining your birdbath or a costly water bill, a fire pit transformation may be just the thing you need. If your low-lying fountain is made of a fire-safe material like marble or terra cotta (concrete is not safe), disconnect all the water hookups, remove all plastic and flammable materials, and consider filling it with firewood. Or, if you want to get even fancier, switch out the water hoses for gas lines. You might want to consider hiring a professional for that part. It will instantly transform the use of your yard.

5. Concrete Tree Rings Fire Pit

This petite fire pit stands out for its unusual design and colour. Now that scalloped edges are currently on trend, this is the most fashionable fire pit in our list!

source: www.instructables.com
source: www.instructables.com

23. Colorful Mosaic Fire Pit



The colorful tiles put a strong accent on the whole design of the garden.

This above-ground fire pit idea may take more time but the result would not make you regret it.

More info: Here

#7 Choose a Decomposed Granite Patio (It’s the Cheapest!)

It looks like sand. It isn’t fancy. But it’s cheap as heck.

A pro can lay this stuff for as little as $2 a square foot.

Very important: Heavy rainfall can wash away a decomposed granite patio. If you live in Phoenix, decomposed granite is a great option. If you live in New Orleans, keep shopping.

11. Tractor Tyre Rim

Although not everyone has access to tractor tyres, it is also possible to do use car rims to achieve a mini version of this fire pit. Using the rim provides you with a perfect circle form and avoids any digging!

source: www.handimania.com
source: www.handimania.com

#3 Skip the Built-In Seating

Image: Monika Davis

Image: Monika Davis

Those stone benches in a semicircle around a flaming fire pit look like money. That’s because they’re made of it.

Built-in benches that will seat six people with a comfortable amount of personal space can cost as much — or more — as the fire pit itself.

A resin Adirondack chair can cost $150 or less. Plus, chairs are easier on your butt as well as your wallet.

“Built-in benches look cool, but no one wants to sit on them,” says Aaron Rogers of Southern Poolscapes. “They’re really uncomfortable.”

FAQ About How to Build a Fire Pit

With visions of fire pits dancing in your head, do you have a few remaining questions? Read on to get the answers to any lingering questions you may have.

What do you put in the bottom of a fire pit?

Line the bottom of your fire pit with a two-inch layer of sand. An excellent heat shield, sand is fireproof and also distributes heat around the whole pit. Top off your sand with a layer of gravel or fire bricks.


Can you build a fire pit on dirt?

You can indeed build a fire pit on dirt as long as you add a layer of sand on top of the dirt, and then a layer of gravel on top of the sand.

Will cinder blocks explode in a fire pit?

Look for cinder blocks that are fire-rated to avoid this problem. Cinder blocks that are too dense may contain trapped water, which when it turns to steam can cause the blocks to explode.

Which type of backyard fire pit can be made for under $60?

The least expensive fire pit to build is one using found materials — stones you source on your own property, for example. Otherwise, source fire-safe blocks at a home improvement store, and buy just enough to build your fire pit two layers high. This should keep you under $60.

Most Important Things to Consider When DIY Fire Pit

You may think that a fire pit is a mere hole in the ground, but there are a lot of things to consider before building one.

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Local regulations

Local regulations and ordinances govern how and whether a fire pit is permitted in your neighborhood. Certain fire pit codes are designated as outdoor burning or recreational fire codes, while others are included in the broader local fire code.

Before you begin creating your new patio fire pit, check to see if it is legal and if any restrictions apply. You definitely want to avoid spending money on your perfect patio fire pit only to be fined and forced to remove it.

Fuel source

Fire pits can have different fuel sources, such as propane tanks, natural gas, gel, or wood. When compared to wood-burning fire pits, propane fire pits are simple to use, easy to light, and burn quickly.

Because they produce no ash or smoke, they can typically be used notwithstanding municipal fire restrictions. Additionally, they are much easier to clean.

After determining the size of the tank required for non-wood patio fire pits, the following step is to select the size of the tank. This will vary according to the size of your fire pit and the frequency with which you intend to use it.

Safety precautions

Along with keeping your patio fire pit clear of existing structures, it’s critical that it’s situated or built on level ground. If you’re utilizing a wood-burning fire pit, a metal screen is necessary to assist contain sparks and ash.

Keep it clear of overhanging trees and bushes, and away from important sidewalks and paths to avoid being a nuisance.


Fire pits come in a variety of styles. The most popular types are fire bowls and square-shaped bowls. A bowl is a fantastic solution for tiny yards and is often popular for portable designs. You can pick between square or rectangular fire pits for huge, permanent fire pits.

Apart from their varied shapes, they also feature a variety of designs. Select those that will fit comfortably in your space. After settling on the best size and location, consider function.

By answering a few broad design and style questions, you can begin the process of selecting or building the ideal patio fire pit for your backyard.

Dangerous materials

Fire pits are often composed of an inner and outer wall, a cap, and decorative stones or other materials placed at the base of the pit. 

The inner wall must be constructed entirely of fireproof materials, preferably fire brick; the exterior walls must still be resistant to heat but may be constructed entirely of masonry block, stone, or even heat-resistant outdoor stucco or tile. 

Flagstone is an excellent material for the cap of the fire pit. No component of the fire pit should be constructed using nonporous or flammable materials that retain moisture. That means you should avoid compressed concrete blocks, river rocks, or pea gravel. 

DIY Smokeless Fire Pit Conclusion

Regardless of the size of your garden or outdoor space, a fire pit is a perfect addition for outdoor gatherings. Whether you choose to make a DIY fire pit or buy one from an online store, you’ll find your family and friends will love hanging out this year at your new garden focal point.

Even if you have a small garden, we think this is a great investment and one that you can use at any time of the year. If you live in a cooler climate, it will help you spend a little more time outdoors without getting chilly in the colder months. Whichever fire pit you go for this year, we hope it makes a great addition to your garden setup.


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