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67. Turn Old Pallets Into Barn Doors

Wooden panels are light sheets of wood that are ve

Wooden panels are light sheets of wood that are very handy to create any craft you want, such as a sliding barn door. With its rustic-chic outlook, you can create your own barn door and create some room for the space that is too uptight. Easy pallet ideas

19. Easy DIY Barn Door

Barn doors are a fun way to create a statement in any living space. To add more style to your sliding barn, this tutorial will help you how you can create one with a colorful yet handy element to create it. finditmakeitloveit

Distress the Boards with a Grinder

Use a brush knot cup mounted in an angle grinder to abrade the softwood and expose the grain. This gives the wood a weathered look.

  • Start by nailing the board to the sawhorses with finish nails to hold it in place. The nail holes will add to the rustic appearance.
  • Tip the grinder so the wheel is on edge and parallel to the grain to wear away the soft wood.
    • Pro tip: Pieces of wire from the cup can break off and cause serious injury if you’re not protected, and there’s a lot of dust. Make sure to wear safety goggles, hearing protection and a good-quality dust mask.
  • Use the wire wheel on the edges and ends of the board to create an uneven, worn look. You can also hold the wheel flat on the surface and move it in arcs across the wood to resemble saw marks. Don’t worry; you can’t go wrong here. Wearing away any amount of wood will look great.

Three Ways to Support the Tracks

To support a door, the track needs to be solidly mounted to wall framing. There are three options.

  • Install continuous wood backing between the wall studs at the track height. This allows you the freedom to install track-mounting screws at any location.
    • Pro tip: This method isn’t practical in a room that’s finished because you would have to remove the drywall or plaster to install the blocking
  • Mount a header board to the wall surface (as seen in the photo above), making sure it’s securely screwed to the studs, and screw the track to the header board.
    • Pro tip: One manufacturer recommends a maximum door weight of 75 lbs. if you’re using this method because the support screws will only be engaged in 3/4-in.-thick wood.
  • The third option is to bolt the track directly to the studs. You have to do two things if you choose this method.
    • First, make sure to order an undrilled track, as you’ll need to drill holes yourself at the stud locations.
    • Second, ask the supplier to recommend hardware to avoid crushing the drywall. Most suppliers have crush plates or something similar to solve the problem.

Double Pantry Barn Door

Designing Vibes 

This DIY barn door plan gets rid of some boring bi-fold doors that lead into a pantry. There wasn’t room for the sliding barn door hardware, so two narrow doors were added with accents that give them a barn door feel. Common boards and simple hardware make the cost of this DIY project more affordable.

Double Pantry Barn Door from Designing Vibes

Barn Door Hardware and Track

Because of the awkward size of our door, I had to

Because of the awkward size of our door, I had to turn to Ebay for sliding barn door hardware (mostly the track) that was the correct size and affordable. I found a 10′ track for $80.

If your door is a normal width, you can buy your barn door hardware on Amazon.

There are plenty of barn door tracks on Amazon, and I wish that had been an option for us!

Mounting the Hardware Kit

To mount our track and door, we mounted a 1×4 board directly to the wall, and then mounted the door track to that.

The reason for this is that our doorway still had the trim that stuck out about 1″ past the wall. If there was no doorway trim, we would have mounted the rail directly to the wall.


Our barn door track came with a door stopper for the bottom of the door, but it was one that had to be drilled into the floor.

I wasn’t too excited about that since our floors were only about 3 months old at the time.

Instead, my mom found me this cast iron door

Instead, my mom found me this cast iron door stop and it’s pretty much my favorite thing! I LOVE it and think it pairs perfectly with my rustic homemade barn door!

Colorblocked Barn Door

Sugar & Cloth 

Here’s another way to make a barn door more modern by using color blocking. It starts with a simple slab door and then uses a two-color blocking technique to give it a fresh and modern look. The final touch of the metallic and brass hardware adds some glamour.

Colorblocked Barn Door from Sugar & Cloth

Tools Materials

  • Tape measure

    Tape measure

  • Miter saw

    Miter saw

  • Bar clamps

    Bar clamps

  • Drill/driver


  • Speed clamps

    Speed clamps

  • Straight edge

    Straight edge

  • Combination square

    Combination square

  • Pneumatic nailer

    Pneumatic nailer

  • Caulk gun

    Caulk gun

  • Pocket hole jig

    Pocket hole jig

  • drill bit - 1/8-inch

    drill bit – 1/8-inch

  • Cotton rag

    Cotton rag

  • Small paintbrush

    Small paintbrush

  • Stud finder

    Stud finder

  • drill bit - 5/16 inch

    drill bit – 5/16 inch

  • socket wrench - 3/8-inch

    socket wrench – 3/8-inch

  • level - 2-foot

    level – 2-foot

How To Hang The Door

To hang the door, we first hung the piece of oak on the wall to attach the track to for added support. Find where the studs are and mark with a pencil above and below each stud the length of the oak support,  Find your center point and level for the oak support piece. Drill holes for the hardware to attach to the oak piece to the wall. We painted our oak the same color as the walls so it would blend in. Attach lag bolts to oak piece and secure with a cordless ratchet driver.

Once the piece is secured to the wall, you can lay out the support rail onto the oak piece. Mark the rail support holes to the oak piece. Drill a pilot hole for attaching the rail hardware to the oak. Attach top rail hardware and make sure it’s level and secure. Hang barn door onto top rail guide and check that it’s sliding properly.

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