The way to measure my lot dimension?

Enter your deal with, define your garden on a Google map, and voilà! See your lot dimension on a display screen! You may draw a number of areas for one deal with; yard, entrance, or facet yard; it’ll summarize the sq. footage and present outcomes for every garden.

The way to Manually Discover Your Property’s Sq. Footage 

When you’d prefer to measure your yard the quaint manner, observe these steps:

  1. Stroll the size of your garden, figuring that one tempo equals about 3 ft. Do the identical with the width of the garden.
  2. Then multiply the size by the width to reach on the whole. Ensure you subtract the sq. footage of your own home and driveway when calculating the full sq. footage of your garden.
  3. In case your garden has an irregular form, attempt dividing it up into quite a lot of sq. areas. Calculate the sq. footage for every space, then add the figures collectively to succeed in your whole garden dimension


Figuring out the Dimension of Space

Step 1: Examine the Space

The primary piece of knowledge you have to know is the form and dimensions of your garden, notably the width and size. It would be best to measure and multiply the realm size occasions the width in ft till the sq. footage is 1,000 sq. ft. and mark off this space with the assistance of a marking instrument like washable paint or objects to tell apart the remedy areas border line. 

Step 2: Convert Measurements

In case your yard is rectangular or sq., measure the size and width then multiply collectively (size X width = sq. footage). For instance, in case your yard has a size of 10 ft and width of 8 ft, you’ll multiply 10 by 8 to get 80 sq. ft.

Bear in mind for triangle formed lawns, you’ll measure the size and width, multiply collectively, then divide by two ( size X width / 2 = sq. footage).

In case your garden is a not an ideal rectangle, break the garden into completely different sections to measure extra simply, then add measurements collectively to get the realm’s whole sq. footage.

For remedy areas with flowerbeds and different obstructions within the yard you’ll measure the sq. footage of the article and subtract out of your yards whole sq. footage.

Instance, you’ve a property that’s 12,000 sq. ft. and within the center you’ve a panorama mattress with a size of three ft and width of two ft. You’ll multiply 3 by 2 to get 6 ft, then subtract out of your yard whole.

  • 3 ft. X 2 ft. = 6 sq. ft. 
  • 12,000 sq. ft. – 6 sq. ft. = 11,994 sq. ft. 

Subsequently, you’ll deal with an space with 11,994 sq. ft. 

Irregular Shapes

Geometric shapes are widespread in dwelling lawns, however extra typically, lawns are irregularly formed. Lots of right now’s panorama designers use ideas of movement and stability to interrupt up straight strains. This offers the garden a extra pure and aesthetically pleasing look. In some methods, irregularly formed areas are simpler to measure than geometric shapes. There are two simple to grasp strategies for figuring out the realm of irregular shapes. The offset technique is most frequently used to measure lawns of irregular shapes. One other is the common radius technique.

Convert amongst sq. inch, sq. foot, sq. yard and sq. meter

You possibly can, for instance, carry out your entire measurements in inches or centimeters, calculate space in sq. inches or sq. centimeters then convert your ultimate reply to the unit you want corresponding to sq. ft or sq. meters.

To transform amongst sq. ft, yards and meters use the next conversion elements.  For different models use our calculator for area conversions.

  • Sq. Toes to Sq. Inches
    • multiply ft2 by 144 to get in2
  • Sq. Toes to Sq. Yards
    • multiply ft2 by 0.11111 to get yd2
  • Sq. Toes to Sq. Meters
    • multiply ft2 by 0.092903 to get m2
  • Sq. Yards to Sq. Toes
    • multiply yd2 by 9 to get ft2
  • Sq. Yards to Sq. Meters
    • multiply yd2 by 0.836127 to get m2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Inches
    • multiply m2 by 1,550 to get in2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Toes
    • multiply m2 by 10.7639 to get ft2
  • Sq. Meters to Sq. Yards
    • multiply m2 by 1.19599 to get yd2


The realm of a rectangle is discovered by multiplying the size (l) by the width (w).

Space = (l)(w)

Instance 1:

Calculate the realm of an oblong garden with a size of fifty ft and a width of 25 ft.

Space = (l)(w)

Space = (50 ft)(25 ft)

Space = 1,250 ft²

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How It Works

Use buttons on the highest proper to start out or cease drawing, to open your checklist of addresses, or to get a quote. If you click on on the realm you draw, the small infobox will present its dimension in a sq. foot. Additionally, you will see the scale in the correct facet panel by every deal with you save. Take away the deal with by clicking on the "trash" icon. When you’ve got saved addresses, use the "ebook"-alike-icon to open the checklist and click on on every deal with to see areas (lawns) you drew beforehand. Edit the garden space by clicking on it. You may rename it through the use of a blue spherical "pencil"-icon within the infobox.


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