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Measuring Wall Space Track Length

In addition to the door itself, you have to measure the wall space to ensure there’s enough room for the door to open all the way. 

Measuring track length is very straightforward – take your door width and multiply by 2. A 36” wide door would need 72” of track length.

To check for wall space, set a tape measure to your calculated door width (in this case, 36”) and measure from the outside edge of the door opening or the molding, and leave a few extra inches of buffer room at the end. This will show you how much wall space you need and allow you to look for any obstructions that will prevent the door from opening.

Some items (like furniture or wall mountings) can be relocated while other items (like baseboard heating or radiators) will prevent you from opening the door at all. Additionally, keep an eye out for light switches and electrical outlets – they won’t prevent you from opening the door, but you’ll be blocked from using them when the door is closed.

Create a diagram which shows a door opening, and the adjacent wall space. Show how to measure the necessary wall space. To give perspective., the wall space may include items like wall hangings and electrical outlets which should be labeled, and mention that they need to be moved.

How do I measure for my sliding barn door?

Now we’re ready to pull out the tape measure.  Below are a few guidelines and graphics to help you measure for your barn door.  First we’ll cover openings with casing.  If your door is sheetrock only you can slide down the page to the sheetrocked opening section!

Whats Next?

Shop our complete sliding barn door and hardware kits online – Each sliding door kit includes: your custom made barn door, flat black door hardware (sliding door hangers, sliding door track or rail, front handle, mounting hardware, door stops, guides), and instructions.

Need more inspiration? Check out our online portfolio of reclaimed wood sliding barn door examples including; cottage style doors, farmhouse sliding doors, x-brace style barn doors, modern barn doors and more.

How long Should My Barn Door Hardware Track Be?

Now that we know how to measure for a barn door, a

Now that we know how to measure for a barn door, another critical question is: how big should your barn door track be?

Your track size should be at least double the size of your door width; this will ensure that the door will completely uncover the entrance when open. The correct measurement will also provide a smooth, effective, and safe operation of the door.


Barn door hardware track measurement example

In this example, the door is 38

In this example, the door is 38″ wide. For the door to cover the entrance when closed, we need to make sure the track is at least double the door size: 38″ + 38″ = 76″. 

For a door 38″ wide, we will need a 76″ long.

Note: Make sure you have enough wall space on the side of the opening for the door to open completely. 

Now you know how to shop for the perfect barn door! Take a look at our vast collection of sliding barn doors and barn door hardware kits!

What other barn door questions do you have? Let us know in the comments!


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