How Do You Fix Loose Posts and Rails on a Deck?

Everyone whose home features a deck, porch, or patio knows just how important that outdoor space is to everyone in the family. Not simply just a place to sit outdoors, decks easily become nearly everyone’s favorite spot in the house. A lovely gathering place for family and friends alike to enjoy good times and good weather; an outdoor living room.

This is what makes keeping your deck area safe a crucial part of your yearly home checkup. From deck joists and framing to deck balusters and railing, keeping your outdoor space safe helps make for another wonderful year in the books. This is especially true of deck railing.

No matter if your deck features wood railing, metal railing, or cable and glass railing systems; a safe railing makes for an overall better time for every guest in your home. Here are some tips on how to fix a loose railing out on your deck and keep the fun times rolling.

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Four: Check the Slope

Once your gutters are all neat and tidy, you should check that water from rain or melting snow slopes off your deck, rather than running towards the house or pooling on the deck. If water is running towards your home, you’ll need a contractor to take a look and formulate a plan to correct the slope of your deck. This might mean replacing your deck, or it might simply mean correcting the slope through other methods. Failing to fix slope issues could potentially lead to water damage later down the line, so don’t overlook water on your deck.

Why Do Railings Become Loose or Wobbly and How To Prevent It

There are various reasons as to why your railings can become wobbly or loose. 

One major factor that can contribute to this problem is the elements like sun, heat, windy conditions, and rain. Many people use wood as the material for their outdoor deck for the natural look it gives their yard, however, wood is prone to expanding and contracting when exposed to high temperatures and the sun which can then cause the screws and bolts to loosen.

The rain can also cause the wood of the railings or the joints to rot, which will then make them loosen and possibly come away from each other. Strong winds can cause railings to bend and even break especially when endured for long periods. 

Putting excessive weight on the railings of your deck by leaning on it or even climbing over it will cause wear down and loosen the railing and the hardware, which could even lead you to fall through.

This is why as soon as you notice a loose railing on your deck, you should try to fix it as soon as possible or at least barricade off the area so no one goes near it so they can’t lean or fall through it. 

Two: Check Posts and Vinyl Deck Railings

Wobbly railings might seem like a minor issue, but all it takes is a bit too much weight and you’ve got a disaster on your hands. Sometimes it might just take the tightening of a few screws or loose bolts to fix the problem, but older railings and posts might need replacement.

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