Square Debit Card spend

At the top of your activity. you will be able to view any pending Square Debit Card transactions. Note the amount of these transactions may change when they are completed. Below any pending transactions, you can view completed Square Debit Card transactions.



Step 1: Trick #1 – the 3,4,5 Trick

Note* this trick is the only one that uses math and it is only really to explain how it works. So don’t be scared off.

According to Pythagoras, a right angle triangles sides can be described by the equation

a squared + b squared = c squared

where c= the hypotenuse (the longest side).By a lucky fluke of math 3 squared + 4 squared just happens to = 5 squared. So all you have to remember is 3,4,5. Simple so far right?

If you have something you are working on, for example a wooden frame, cut plywood, a tacked metal structure or even brickwork, and you want to see if it is square, this trick is for you. Just measure 3 units across from the corner and make a mark, then 4 units up and make a mark. Now measure the distance between the two marks and you should get 5 units. If not then it is not square. If it is more than 5 units it is more than 90 degrees. If it is less than 5 units it is less than 90 degrees. I am saying units because it does not matter what you use to measure, what matters is that the 3,4,5 ratio is correct. Just know that the longer measurements you can take, the more accurate it will be. You can even do multiples of the ratio, for example 12”x16”x20”.

Why is it so important build things perfectly square?

Building things like walls, floors or decking perfectly true, plumb and square is when possible essential. It will help you avoid problems and save lots of time later on and is also the strongest way to practically form structures. 

Sometimes like in old houses for example exceptions have to be made. Sometimes you need to ‘split the difference’, or accept the lesser of two evils and do what you can. In these instances I always imagine what I would do if it were my own place or, which is the least noticeable/most pleasing to the eye. 

<p>Building walls square will ensure sheet materials like plasterboard are fast and easy to install. Wall plates need to be square and level in order for the roof rafters to work. Garden decks and floor joists built perfectly square will be much easier to lay flooring/decking on. The list goes on and on, but an extra 10 minutes checking everything’s square in the early stages could save you hours or even days later on.

Failing to build things level and true will only lead to headaches and extra work later on. Doors will swing open or closed on their own if you don’t install door linings level and square. Miters will be a bastard to get right, and more scribing will need to take place meaning extra work, headaches – and time/cost.

Whilst there are lots of carpentry squares available to check for 90°, when building a large stud-work wall or a garden deck for example these are usually much too small to accurately ensure the structure has perfect 90° corners.

There are two simple and easy to remember methods I use.

A large, flat assembly table can be your best tool

To assemble and clamp your projects square, you need a reliably flat surface to work on. This assembly table might be separate from your workbench, which can take abuse from tools and accessories.

Not all squares are reliable

Never trust any tool right out of the box. Even minor bumps or dings during packaging or shipping could alter the tool’s accuracy. Always check it and set it up with squares, rules, and calipers that you know to be accurate, as we’ll show you in the following steps.

Learn how to do every step yourself

Here at Western Interlock, we’re on a mission to take the hard out of hardscaping. That’s why we publish DIY tips, tricks, and step-by-step tutorials at DIYwithWI.com and host a live DIY seminar every month during the summer at one of our manufacturing or distribution facilities.

If you have any questions, you can visit our Paving Stone Display at our Manufacturing Facility in Rickreall, OR. Or, give our team of hardscape experts a call at 503-623-9084.

Step 3: Trick #3 – 90 Degree Arc Trick

This is great for marking things like fences or deck foundations, I use this at work sometimes to layout and locate machinery in factories. We assume you already have a straight line to go off of, like an existing wall or a reference line on the ground. You need a piece of string to do this one, mark where you want your new perpendicular line to come out of the reference line or wall. Using the string, tie a knot about 1/3 or so from the end. Measure with the string out along the reference line both ways and make marks at the knot. From each of these two marksand using the whole string, draw an arcs like in the picture. Where the two marks intersect, that is perpendicular to your reference line at the point you started from.


This tab shows transfers made into and out of your Square Checking balance. 

Funds coming into your Square Checking balance will be reflected in green, and funds transferred to your linked bank account will be shown in grey.

Note:  Pending inbound transfers may not immediate

Note: Pending inbound transfers may not immediately reflect in your Square Checking balance.

With Square Checking you can download statements of your checking account activity from your online Square Dashboard. 

You can access your Square Checking statements from your online Square Dashboard in two ways:

From your Square Checking settings: 

  1. Select Balance > Select one of your locations under Locations

  2. Select the gear icon > Checking settings.

  3. Click Account statements under Documents 

  4. Select the statement you wish to download.

From your Activity section:

  1. Select Balance > Select one of your locations under Locations

  2. Navigate to View all activity > Download. > Account statements

  3. Select the statement you wish to download. 

Your Square Checking statements will be available to download the first day of the following month, e.g. on August 1st, you will be able to download your July statement. Statements will still be available to download even if you didn’t have any activity in that time period.


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