The Ultimate Guide To Storing Chips

Storing chips properly may seem problematic, but it’s simple. You need to know the inner tidbits and make sure you follow every step to protect your chips, so they remain fresh every time you use them.

The key to the long-lasting freshness of chips will depend on how you store them. Therefore, here are some primary rules you should take note of when keeping chips.

  • Always store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Store them in an airtight sealed container for better results
  • Store them well-sealed
  • If you store them in a bag, make sure to remove excess air and check for rips and tears on the bag that will allow the penetration of air. Roll them tightly to seal.

If you keep these rules in mind, rest assured that your chips will remain fresh for a more extended period. Say goodbye to stale chips for quite some time!

Of course, you will have to open your chips bag or storage container from time to time to access your chips, but when you do so, be sure to close and seal the chips right away once you are done.

The longer the fragments remain open, the more they are exposed to the surrounding air. The air will cause the chips to become stale and remove that fresh crunch and flavor you want to maintain.

Hence, it is highly recommended to seal the chips immediately after getting the chips you need at that time.

It is the best way to ensure that they are not left open for a more extended period or sealed improperly. It ensures that your chips will be fresh the next time you open and reach for them.


Glass Jars

Forget the open boxes and half-empty bags. 100 Days of Real Food knows how to keep things uniform—and rustic chic—by putting dry ingredients like pasta, rice, oatmeal and other grains in glass jars. Then stick on cute handwritten labels so you know what’s what. (These jar and label sets are perfect!)

Best Chip Clips

Chip clips are used to hold together two pieces of paper, cardboard, or other materials. They are usually made from metal or plastic and are available in different shapes and sizes. They are used in many applications such as packaging, construction, art, and crafts. 5. It is a handy tool for holding papers, magazines, books, and other items. 6. It is a great way to display artwork and craft projects.

Use Tool Organizers for Small Stuff

Use a craft or tool organizer with divided compartments to store baking and decorating items you don’t use everyday. Close the lid and stack multiple cases in the cabinet.

Potato chips

Potato chips are a popular snack food. They are made from potatoes and salt. Potato chips are available in different flavors such as plain, barbecue, cheese, sour cream and onion, ranch, honey BBQ, garlic Parmesan, and many others. Potato chips are very delicious and crunchy. People enjoy potato chips because they are crispy and salty. They are also inexpensive.

Mason Jar Magic


Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly a must-have for an organized pantry, but it certainly makes for a more attractive view. The next time you junk an empty cardboard salt container, salvage the metal spout to DIY a pour top for a mason jar. Use your new pour-spout jar to store a variety of dry ingredients. As a bonus, the container’s clear glass means you’ll know exactly when you’re running low on staples.

Pantry Ideas for Small Spaces: Use the Whole Corner Cabinet

Make use of corner cabinets by installing a rotating lazy-susan shelf. Store baking and dry goods in dollar store containers to keep them organized and standing straight on a wide corner shelf. Check out these other kitchen storage projects that create more space.

Handy Hooks

Give half-eaten bags of chips a home, thanks to this genius idea from Fennell Seeds. Just stick Command hooks on the side of the pantry. You can hang bags from the hooks by the hole in your chip clip. So easy! (We’ve got recipes to help use up those potato chips, too.)

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Prep Your Pantry


Labels aren’t a must-have for your pantry, but they do help keep essentials organized and easy to find. Instead of rummaging through the shelves searching for that one ingredient, you’ll be able to spot what you need right away—and spend more time enjoying dinner with your family. Check out these free printables from Lia Griffith and make your own labels today! Related: 9 Simple DIY Ways to Reinvent Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Organizing the Chips

We always have a good supply of tortilla chips and sometimes even some kettle-style chips on hand but they are such a mess to organize! I saw some ideas about hanging the bags up and we decided to create our own hanging bag system for these “unorganizable” items in the pantry.

All we did was take a shower curtain rod and secure it near the top of the pantry. Then I hung some extra child-size hangers from the rod so the bags would hang down to reachable length. Finally, we took clothespins and clipped the bags onto the hangers. Now they are up and out of the way and I created a whole extra shelf for other pantry goods!

If you don’t have child-sized hangers, don’t worry!  You can use adult hangers, or clip directly to the wire shelving. If you’re looking for hangers, you can always find some pretty inexpensively at the dollar store. There are several ways you can do this with what you have on hand. If you have space, a large basket with chips might even work best for you.

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