Why Do People Call Zillow Customer Support?

People call Zillow customer support for a range of reasons, including:

  • Setting up, changing, and canceling accounts
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Reporting fraud and inappropriate content
  • Billing issues
  • Getting help with creating listings that conform to legal requirements.

What Kind of Issues can a Zillow Customer Service Representative Resolve?

Zillow customer service can resolve many issues, including setting up, changing and canceling accounts, providing technical support, troubleshooting problems, initiating investigations into inappropriate content or cases of fraud and researching billing issues.

What Can’t Be Resolved With a Call to Zillow Customer Service?

Customer service representatives are not mediators. Unless conduct by any party using Zillow violates its terms of service, significant conflicts between home buyers, sellers, or real estate professionals are a matter for the people involved, not Zillow’s customer service agents.

Listings for housing are governed under federal, state and local antidiscrimination laws. A customer service representative cannot override laws that govern housing listings.

If Zillow doesn’t work on your computer or device, a representative may be able to recommend a workaround, but cannot guarantee that it will work. You may have to work with the manufacturer of your device or computer to address the issue. You may also have to use a different device to access Zillow.



Top Zillow Services

Property Listing, Estimate, Home Selling

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Website, Account, Commercial

Zillow Pros and Cons

Pros: Makes information on properties available nationally, Popular, Widely viewed, Never had problems until now, Website is user friendly

Cons: Customer service, No response or response is very very very very slow, Customer service claims that nothing can be done, Lacking communication support, Wrong info

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Zillow is ranked 281 out of 1869 in Real Estate category Area Served USA Payment Methods

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